RV Loans for New Canadians


We Make it Easy to Explore Your New Home in an RV

Welcome to BC! We hope you've been able to settle into your new home and begin to enjoy your new home. As you have likely already learned, Canada is a big place, and the best way to explore your vast country is in a recreational vehicle (RV). An RV is an affordable way to have fun adventures and journeys with your family and friends. If you're new to Canada and interested in financing a new or used RV, you've come to the right place. Our team will secure you a loan, so you can drive away with a tent trailer, travel trailer, or other type of RV.


No credit? No problem.

As a new Canadian there is a good chance you haven't been here long enough to establish a credit rating. Our finance team will work hard to secure you a loan, even if you're just starting to establish your credit. As long as you have consistent monthly income, there is a good chance we can secure you a loan. Our finance team will also give you free advice and guidance so you can quickly build your credit rating.

Interested in getting an RV loan? Contact us today and our finance team will get to work.

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