Get Your RV Ready for the Offseason with South Thompson’s Winter RV Service

Winters in Kamloops can be rough -- there’s no way around it. Though you may not realize it, sitting around in subzero temps for months on end can put massive wear on your trailer or motorhome.  Save yourself a day (or more) of maintenance work and have our RV Experts at South Thompson properly prepare your rig for the cold months ahead.



Close Your RV Correctly

An RV is an investment in fun. Having black mould waiting for you in the spring is not fun -- plus the damage can quickly destroy your camper. We help you keep the good times rolling by ensuring there is no moisture trapped anywhere inside your unit. Our team will also give your entire RV an inspection to spot any leftover food or other sources of moisture so your living quarters are just as inviting come springtime.


Fluid Removal Done Right

Another bonus of letting South Thompson RV take care of your winter closing duties? We know how to fully flush all fluids from the pipes in your camper to prevent pipes from bursting. Once everything is cleaned out, we’ll add antifreeze back into certain parts of the RV to stop any pipes from freezing after the temps drop -- an issue that can be catastrophic when it’s time to open things back up!


We Repair as We Go

Throughout our RV closing process, we seek out cracks and holes so they can be properly patched or sealed. By taking this step, we prevent surprise leaks and water destruction in your trailer, motorhome or fifth wheel. Common areas that our team repairs include windows, doors, ceilings and floors.

No Detail Goes Undone

It can be hard to remember every task that needs to be done before winter -- nevermind dig up the right tools for the job! When you choose South Thompson RV for your winter service, we cover all of the bases including battery disconnect, tire air pressure, awning care and more. If your unit is in need of general maintenance or a repair, we can handle that at the same appointment, saving you a trip back in the future. Contact us to schedule your winter RV service today and let South Thompson take one more thing off your to-do list!


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