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Protect Your Investment From the Unexpected

There are always things that you just can’t plan for. With that in mind, we offer RV insurance to help protect your investment from potential accidents and mishaps. With affordable and flexible insurance programs, we have the right RV insurance option for you.  

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How Does RV Insurance Work?

RV insurance is something that we get a great deal of questions about. Because not everyone is aware of RV insurance, we want to bring attention to this valuable feature that can save you both money and headaches in the long term. RV insurance is similar to car insurance, in the sense that it protects your investment from damage and the unknown. Many RVs are often more costly than vehicles, and because they’re a home away from home they can hold value in a different way.   

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Three Options for Insurance

When you purchase RV insurance there are a few different types of coverage: full replacement insurance that gets you a same-or-better version if something happens to your unit, replacement insurance that gets you the present value of your trailer (depreciation included) in cash, or insurance for an amount that will cover you up to a certain amount in the event of an accident. 


Full Replacement Insurance

If something happens to your RV that’s within your policy’s bounds, you’ll get a new RV that’s the same or similar to the model you had. As an example, if you had a 2015 Surveyor you will get the same 2018 Surveyor model. If that’s not available you’ll get a similar new trailer of a similar value.     

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Replacement Insurance

With Replacement Insurance, if your trailer does have to be replaced, you’ll get a new trailer worth a similar value to the old trailer. So, if your trailer was worth $20,000, you’ll get one worth that much with similar capabilities to your old one. This is the current value of your trailer, so if it has depreciated over ten years of ownership, you will get what it is worth today rather than what it was worth at the time you purchased it.

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Insurance for an Amount

This is the most cut-and-dry type of RV insurance. Essentially, you insure your RV for a certain amount of money, and if something happens within the bounds of your policy, you get that amount back. As an example, if you insure your travel trailer for $10,000 and something happens where it needs to be replaced, you get $10,000.

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