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Have South Thompson Prepare Your RV for the Season

Twice a year RV owners need to get their travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes ready for the changing weather. When the cold hits it’s incredibly important to ‘Winterize’ your RV. And as the weather begins to get nicer, ‘Summerizing’ or ‘De-Winterizing’ your RV is the first step you take before heading out on another adventure. It takes time and know-how to properly prepare an RV for the season, so why not trust the experts? Book your seasonal appointment today.



Trust the Experts

Veteran RV owners sometimes prefer to get their RV ready for the season on their own. It’s certainly doable, but you have to be quite knowledgeable about the ins and outs of your RV. If you skip a step you could end up damaging your RV. Here at South Thompson RV, we’re experts in servicing all types of RVs (tent trailers, travel trailers, toy haulers, etc.) and can have your RV ready for the season in no time. Book your seasonal appointment today, or if you have questions, feel free to contact us any time.

John Reeb Parts/ Service Manager

John Reeb
Parts/ Service Manager

Seasonal Services FAQ

What Does ‘Winterizing’ Mean?

Winterizing is a term that means getting an RV prepared for cold weather when an RV may lay dormant for months at a time. Some of the steps involved include eliminating all water from an RV’s pipes (known as blowing out the water lines), pouring antifreeze into pipes to ensure they don’t freeze over the winter, emptying the water holding tank, and a few other important steps that will help protect your RV when not in use.

OK, What Does ‘Summerizing’ Mean?

Essentially the opposite of what we wrote above. Among the many important steps in getting your RV ready for summer is removing all the antifreeze from your plumbing - it’s a chemical that is generally non-toxic, but not something you want to drink. Cleaning your water holding tank then flushing your pipes is a big and important task when you’re getting ready for summer.  Contact our service team to learn more about preparing your RV for summer.

How do I Prepare my Water Heater for Winter?

You’re going to need a water heater bypass kit so antifreeze doesn’t get into your water heater. You’ll, of course, also need to drain your water heater of any water that remains inside. These are just some basic steps; if you’re not comfortable doing the needed research to prepare your own RV for the season, book an appointment with us.

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