Experience the R-Pod Lineup

Standard travel trailers just not cutting it? It’s time to go with an R-Pod.

R-Pod Benefits

These small, efficient travel trailers use advanced designs and technology to provide a full travel trailer experience in a compact, lighter package. Contact South Thompson RV to learn more about the amazing R-Pod lineup.


R-pods are more than just stylish trailers - although they don’t lack in the looks department. The teardrop like design, first and foremost, make R-pods incredibly aerodynamic. In comparison to larger, more brick-like travel trailers and RVs, R-pods tend to cut through the wind rather than block it.

The one-piece, fiberglass roof helps with aerodynamics, and since it’s one-piece, there is less opportunity for leaks than some competing trailers.


Some will say that bigger is better. That’s not always the case, especially when it comes to travel trailers. Generally speaking, the larger a trailer is the heavier it will be, so a larger truck or SUV is needed to haul them. That means you’re likely going to spend more on fuel towing a big, hulking travel trailer compared to a sleek R-Pod. When you go with an R-Pod, you get a luxury travel trailer with the lowest possible tow weight in its class. The best part, you won’t lose out on any amenities or features, the R-pod design means you get a fully-featured, spacious trailer (interior heights up to 6’6”) at a manageable size.

Accessories / Customization

With an R-pod you can truly make it your own. It starts with the high-end, efficient design and then it’s up to you. Depending on your lifestyle and the trips you take, there are seemingly endless options for personalizing R-pod.

 Bike Rack
Exclusive to R-pods, this unique two-bike rack is compact and won’t get in the way while you travel.

The R-Dome is like adding a gazebo to your R-pod. Enjoy the great outdoors without being eaten alive by bugs.

Many Other Features
In an R-pod, you can still have the comforts of home. Air conditioners, microwaves, flat screen TVs and many other features designed specifically for your R-pod are available.

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