RV Camping BC That You Won't Want to Miss: The Fall

By: South Thompson RV   |   06 Sep 2019
RV Camping BC That You Won't Want to Miss

When it comes to camping, we don’t stop when the summer sun goes down. While we’re still enjoying all that summer RVing has to offer, we know that Labour Day has passed and cooler temperatures are coming. Whether you’re a spring, fall, summer, or year-round RV adventurer, here are some reasons why we love camping through into the fall!


Quiet Camping Across BC

We might not be the coldest place in Canada, but it’s no secret that we’re “up north.” When fall comes, temperatures drop, and so do the numbers at BC campgrounds. While it might sounds sad, it should be the opposite: a celebration! When fall hits, it’s prime time to get your RV ready to hit the open road and cozy up by the fire at great BC campgrounds near us (such as Sunnyside Heights or Kamloops Riverview RV Park).  

Our favourite perk of fall camping is just how quiet it can be! With the kids back in school, a new business quarter on the horizon, fewer people are exploring. For the folks that are, they’re treated to cozier nights without the hustle and bustle, and not to mention prime picking of which lot they’re going to park their RV or trailer on!


Less Stress, Less Sweat, More Fun

Locally, Kamloops is surrounded by gorgeous natural areas, hiking trails, and lakes. During the summer, even though it can be a dry heat, sometimes it’s just too hot to enjoy how much fun the outdoors has to offer. In the fall, it’s nice to get your hiking boots and socks on with a sweater and hit the trails. Without the hot summer sun, fall can be a great time to get your hiking workout on without compromising on the fun due to heat. 


Cool Weather Makes for Fun Camping

On top of making your outdoor adventures more fun, the cooler temperatures also make campfires more enjoyable! Now, it’s almost like you need a campfire to enjoy late nights at the campground. Better yet, the dry, cool air creates the perfect environment for actually getting your firepit lit. 

Some of our favourite campfire-friendly spots include: 

• Lac le Jeune Provincial Park

• Paul Lake

• Tunkwa Lake

• Roche Lake

If you’re looking to get even further outside of Kamloops, consider:

• Community Lake

• Isobel Lake

• Badger Lake

All of which will give you a taste of the great outdoors, house a lovely campfire, and are within an hour’s drive of Kamloops!


Late-Camping Perks

Normally, late checkout or early check-ins can be hard. In the fall, many local campgrounds are more likely to provide these services because they aren’t as busy. The more relaxed atmosphere can also mean improvements to the little things such as shorter (or no) lines at ice cream shops, camp stores, or the mini putt loop!

In BC, many campgrounds are open year-round, and even more are open spring, summer, and fall. On top of just being open, off-season discounts are often available for those who choose to camp when it’s cooler out. These can be as little as $5 and as much as 30% off of a night’s stay! 

With all of these perks to consider, it’s time to consider your next great RV! Shop our full new and used RV inventory, conveniently located right off the highway in Kamloops and we’ll see you off on your first adventure!

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