Do I Need RV Toilet Paper?

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   09 Aug 2021

If you're thinking about an adventurous RV getaway, you might already be aware of the considerable amount of planning that goes into it. From packing up your belongings to having your RV undergo routine maintenance, pre-planning your RV adventure will go a long way. And one major - and less glamorous - side of the RV life is planning the use of the restroom, in which case toilet paper will play a key role.

So, what’s so important about toilet paper?

The first thing you need to know is that not all toilet paper is treated the same. And that triple-ply you're used to using at home isn't going to fly in your RV. It's for this reason that RV companies have created toilet paper specifically designed for RV septic systems. Still, many people question whether or not buying RV toilet paper is totally necessary. The short answer is yes! Keep reading to learn why.

Why is RV Toilet Paper Necessary?

RV sewage systems are mechanically much more delicate than the one in your home. Because they are not as robust, it's highly important that you're mindful of what's going down there. The last thing you need on the road is toilet issues, especially if you’re camping in the middle of nowhere with your little ones. If you don't have access to RV toilet paper, it would be wise to discard the TP you choose another way.

What’s So Special About RV Toilet Paper?

The great thing about RV-friendly toilet paper is that it's specially formulated to disintegrate more quickly than regular toilet paper. This is helpful as it prevents your septic system from getting clogged and potentially damaged. It is possible to use septic-safe toilet paper brands if you can find them as well. If you're really in a bind(!), you can also put your toilet paper through an at-home test by placing a couple of sheets into a jar of water and shaking it thoroughly. If your toilet paper completely disintegrates after a few vigorous shakes, it should be safe enough for your RV. If not, you'll want to avoid flushing it. Whatever TP you’re using, we recommend trying to limit the amount you flush down your RV toilet to avoid possible issues down the line.

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