Used RV Buying Guide

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   30 Apr 2023

When it comes to buying an RV, there are plenty of ways to make the investment without breaking the bank. This is particularly a good option if you’re new to the RV life and are simply dipping your toe in. Instead of investing in a new unit for your first experience, South Thompson RV has a wide selection of pre-owned RVs that you can purchase at affordable discounted prices. Still, when buying used, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, and there are many factors you’ll need to consider. Thankfully, the team at South Thompson RV has put together a used RV guide to help you find the best budget-friendly rig for your next big adventures!

Things to Consider

  • Budget. Your budget should be your first consideration. The costs of RVs range from just a few thousand dollars for small, simple teardrops to over $1 million for palatial Class A motorhomes. Also, financing is much different with RVs than it is with cars or homes, so that should factor into your decision.
  • Number Of Passengers. The type of RV you need depends largely on how many people travel with you. Some of the larger class A campers and fifth-wheel trailers have a sleeping capacity of 10 or more, while some Class B motorhomes and teardrops can sleep two at most.
  • Travel Plans. Some people use their RVs for the occasional weekend getaway. Others spend months at a time living in their campers on coast-to-coast boondocking trips. Features like a wet bath or functional kitchen are practically a necessity for full-time RVing, but weekend campers may not need them.
  • Drivable Or Towable. Towable RVs are much less expensive than drivable RVs, which are mounted on their own truck or van chassis. However, you’ll need a vehicle with the towing capacity to pull them. To get a true price comparison between a drivable RV and a towable one, consider whether you have an adequate towing vehicle or what buying one would cost.
  • Brand. Different RV brands have different reputations for quality and customer service. Issues with RVs are common, especially as they get older. Finding a brand that offers customer support through service centers and parts service is even more important when you’re buying a used RV.

Questions to Ask

Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying used is the immediate cost savings. Most used RVs, even if only a few years old, have taken the brunt of depreciation (around 20%) just by driving off the lot. As a general rule, travel trailers tend to hold their value longer than motorhomes and fifth-wheels. Still, it all depends on how well the RV has been taken care of. The following are some questions you’ll want to ask to get an idea of how well the RV has been maintained.

What kind of repairs or maintenance has been done to the RV?

Ask for records and paperwork, and get clear about things like tires, bearings, roof repair, winterizing, and water damage.

Where has the RV been stored? 

Has it been in covered storage or exposed to severe weather like direct sun or heavy snow?

How often has the RV been used?

A rarely-used RV isn’t always better. Owners that frequently use their RVs tend to spot problems before they turn into costly repairs.

Has the RV had previous owners?

Many times an RV has changed hands multiple times, making the full history unknown. Ask the owner how much they know about any previous owners to get an idea of the RV’s life cycle.

Buy Used RVs at South Thompson RV!

If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of affordable, high-quality used RVs to choose from at South Thompson RV in Kamloops! Browse our inventory of used RVs and contact us today! We’ll be happy to buy your current used RV and set up a trustworthy trade-in!



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