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By: South Thompson RV   |   17 Oct 2016
RV with lawn chairs

There’s nothing like a camping trip to bring out the deep-rooted personalities in your friends and family. Before getting ready to embark on a one-on-one with nature, plans of roasting gooey marshmallows over an open fire, cooking hot dogs on the flames and snuggling into your sleeping bags seem rather enchanting. But every seasoned camper knows to expect the unexpected when entering the Canadian wilderness. Depending on when you go, you could wind up in the midst of a storm, be greeted by hundreds of blood-thirsty insects, or even worse, forget all of your survival essentials back home. Sometimes all it takes is a little rain or running out of propane to turn even the best of us into first-class cry babies. At South Thompson RV, we’ve got camping trailers, pop-up campers and luxury motorhomes of many makes and models. Whether you and your fellow campers are used to roughing it in the bush and only require a place to rest your head at the end of the night, or you’re looking for more of an outdoor paradise to match the furniture in the condo you left behind in Kamloops, we’ve got you covered, no matter what your inner camper persona happens to be.

The Seasoned Camping Veteran

As a veteran camper, you’re used to making due with whatever Mother Nature throws at you, be it a hailstorm that takes target practice on your RV, an angry swarm of thirsty mosquitos, or a family of racoons who has come to steal your snacks. Veteran campers don’t need much to have an enjoyable camping experience and are used to solo adventuring. So long as you have a place to rest your head at night and can stay warm when night falls, you’re good. The R-Pod trailer is the perfect choice for travellers seeking basic comfort and functionality without getting caught up in the glitz and glam of a luxury motorhome. R-Pod trailers are lightweight and compact and come with the basic essentials you’ll need for an overnight experience. Although you might have no problem making the great outdoors your home (dare we say, watering hole?), the R-Pod comes equipped with a bath, sink and toilet, as well as a kitchenette, complete with hot water. A three-way refrigerator and two-burner range top make cooking indoors a possibility, in case you get rained out. Complete with all the basics, the R-Pod is sure to impress veteran campers. 

The Diva

If you’ve ever gone camping in a group, you know a Diva when you see one. Enthusiastic and optimistic during the ride over to the campsite, the Diva quickly shifts gears when minor setbacks occur. What do you mean there’s no washer and dryer? And what did you mean when you said the shower is outside? When you camp with a Diva, be prepared to embrace the finer things in life. Luckily, South Thompson RV has just the fix for campers who miss the comforts of home, including your feather duvet, heating and air conditioning, and a fully-furnished kitchen and living room. Our Cedar Creek RV models are luxury at its finest. The Cedar Creek Champagne edition is perfect for those campers who just aren’t ready to get down and dirty with the great outdoors. Featuring a fully-furnished dining room complete with a wine fridge, 6’9 ceilings in the bedroom, a walk- in closet, and even a washer and a dryer to do laundry in to get the bug spray smell out, this RV is your home away from home. Did we mention the solid wood and bronze accents located throughout the interior? The Cedar Creek Champagne edition RV is similar to your very own cottage on wheels, complete with satellite and cable hookups, a central vacuum system, central air and heating and plenty of additional comforts. If eating outside isn’t really your thing, make a toast with a chilled glass pulled straight from your wine refrigerator, complete with the ice cubes that came from your filtered water dispenser of the stainless steel French door refrigerator. As if you’d ever sit in one of those folding chairs and drink luke-warm drinks from a cooler.

The Hipster

What separates a Hipster from a Veteran camper? Unlike the Veteran, who knows their limits, the Hipster camper wants the ultimate textbook camping experience. Why on earth would you use a lighter for the fire when “real” campers rub flint together? Matches are as far as the Hipster will go for a campfire. And you better believe they brought their very own small axe to be used for the first time on small branches that could be snapped with a knee, and plenty of plaid shirts for those cold, autumn nights. When the unexpected happens, the Veteran camper will remain calm, cool and collected, but the Hipster camper will start to miss the comforts of home. South Thompson RV offers the Wildwood RV collection for those who love being outdoors but still want to feel comfortable. The Wildwood Northwest trailer comes with an elevated kitchenette equipped with a refrigerator, microwave and 3-burner output range complete with stainless steel finishings. The bathroom includes a foot-flush toilet and bathtub. Once you’re ready to relax or take a break from the outdoors, kick back in a plush recliner in the living room and enjoy some cable TV or AM/FM entertainment. The bedroom includes a plush comforter and headboard, mirrored wardrobes, and extra storage shelves--and 2 110-volt power outlets so you can Instagram your experiences.

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