Why Millennials Love RVs

By: South Thompson RV   |   16 Aug 2017
Laptop in an RV

More and more people are discovering how fun and freeing it is to own an RV, but did you know the average age of RV owners has come down significantly over the past few years? In fact, right now, it's millennials who are behind the recent surge in RV sales across North America. Here’s the scoop on why younger generations are taking to travel trailers, tent trailers, toy haulers, and other RV types.

Millennials Lead the Way

There are a few definitions for “millennial”, but generally speaking a millennial is anyone born between 1980 and 2000. That’s a big range, but the “older” millennials are in the work force, often with good jobs, and open to a less traditional lifestyle. Millennials make up approx. 31% of the general population yet make up 36% of all RV owners across North America. Yes, the myth of RVs being only for retired folks has officially been busted.

Work Remotely

With more and more people choosing to work remotely if you have an RV you can work from pretty much anywhere. If you have a cell phone, the internet is available in most areas of the country and if you’re really looking to work remotely away from civilization and cell networks, satellite internet services are readily available. Knowing this, millennials are taking to RVs to work and play. Graphic designers, writers, and many other professions are easy to adapt to a remote life on the road.

Cost Effective

There are RVs available that fit almost any budget. Many millennial couples decide to hit the road in smaller, cozier trailers that are easy on the wallet and are simple to tow behind most cars, truck, and SUVs. Of course, if you’re looking to work and live out of an RV for an extended period of time you’ll likely want a larger, more capable RV. There are all sorts of new and used RVs available, so finding the right trailer for your needs is easy.

Work and Play

While many people choose to work from an RV, the main reason anyone buys an RV is for the adventures and experiences that come with RV ownership. Millennials tend to be curious and adventurous, which is exactly what makes RVing an ideal pastime. Exploring all corners of the country has never been easier.

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