Awesome RV Tech You May Not Know About

By: South Thompson RV   |   15 Nov 2017
BBQ Attached to an RV

RVs are a common site at campgrounds and on highways all over BC. Heck, you may be thinking of getting an RV so you can explore the country and have a few adventures of your own. What you may not know if just how many different features and accessories are available for travel trailers, tent trailers, motorhomes, and all other types of RV. You don’t have to have the biggest or most expensive RV to take advantage of these awesome RV add-ons.


GPS and Entertainment

Whether you’re driving a motorhome, or towing a trailer, navigating to your destination is a lot easier when you have a GPS unit to help you find your way. While some new vehicles and RVs have GPS built-in, many older models don’t. Picking up a portable GPS unit can help you get to your campground when it’s dark out and there’s no one around to give you directions.


Of course, once you get to your destination there is going to be some downtime. Even if you’re in a remote region of BC, satellite radios will generally work much better than standard radios that lose reception the further you are from the broadcast tower. When you install a satellite radio receiver in your trailer you also have access to hundreds of stations rather than the one or two you may pick up on a standard radio when you’re in a remote location.


BBQ? More Like RVQ!

Setting up your RV beside a lake with an uninterrupted view of the stars, what could make this scene better? Grilling up some steaks on a barbecue while you’re enjoying the great outdoors of course. Generally, barbecues are bulky and a pain to transport, but South Thompson carries BBQs specifically designed for RVs. Simple to set-up and pack away, you’re going to love these easy-to-use little wonders.

Solar panel

Go Solar

There are all sorts of solar power and charging products available that are must-have items for any RV owner. From smaller solar units designed to charge phones and tablets, to larger solar panels that can power larger items like appliances, TVs, and even charge your RV’s battery, solar panels can be incredibly useful for RV owners. While solar panels were once quite expensive to produce, costs have come down dramatically over the past decade, so solar devices are more affordable than ever.



Is the mattress that came with your RV a few years back starting to show its age? You don’t have to suffer. In fact, you can get some pretty nice replacement mattresses designed just for RVs. Available in a range of sizes and comfort levels, your back will thank you when you replace that old mattress with something a little more luxurious. The same goes for your RV’s seats and upholstery; have those old cushions and seats replaced with comfortable, more modern options.


It’s your RV, make it your own. For more ideas on accessories and add-ons that will make your RV life even more enjoyable, contact our team. We’re always happy to give professional advice to our clients.


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