Need a Good New Year's Eve Idea? Spend it in an RV.

By: South ThompsonRV   |   13 Dec 2017

Having trouble thinking of something different to do on New Year’s Eve? You’re not the only one. Going over to the neighbour’s house or lining up in the cold to get into a bar becomes tedious after a while. And what about families? There are few family-friendly things to do on New Year’s Eve. Don’t fret! If you have access to an RV, you’re going to have a blast on NYE.

Backyard or Winter Adventure?

Whether you own an RV or are borrowing your friend’s, you need to know if it has been winterized or not. When an RV is stored for the winter, most people remove all the water from the RV and take other steps to ensure it’s ready to sit in the sub-zero temperatures for a few months. If that’s the case, your RV party may be limited to your backyard. A lot of people have RVs that they use all-year-around, and if that’s the case they are likely insulated and ready for the elements.



Fireworks and NYE go together like peanut butter and jam, but before you start setting off your own make sure you know the City of Kamloops' rules and regulations on using fireworks in the city limits. If you're heading out of town for NYE and plan on setting off fireworks, be sure to check the rules and regs of the regions you're in and follow standard safety procedures.

Where to?

So, you’ve checked and you have an RV that’s ready for a New Year’s Eve adventure. Now the question is: where do you go? There are a number of campgrounds close to Kamloops that are open throughout the winter. Pick a location and make a plan to spend Dec. 31st in the great outdoors.


And for the hockey lovers out there, with so many lakes within a short drive of Kamloops, there's a good chance you can find a spot to set up your RV, shovel off a patch of ice, and have your own hockey game with your buddies under the stars. It may be a nippy night, so be sure to bring plenty of warm clothing along with your skates, sticks, helmets, and gloves.

Cooking and Grillin’

We couldn’t agree more, food is really important! Why not go all out and BBQ at your campground on New Year’s Eve? Also known as RVQs, there are specialty grills available designed just for RV life. Make a few s’mores over a campfire, but leaving the grilling to the RVQ.


If you're struggling to think of a good meal to have in your RV on NYE, there are all sorts of recipes available online developed for RV lovers just like you. These recipes minimize pots, pans, and cleanup while still delivering you a delicious meal for your NYE party in your RV.

A Unique Night

Spending New Year’s Eve in an RV is a great option for couples, families, or even a group of friends. It’s not expensive, and it’s definitely a fun and unique experience. Ring in the New Year with the people you love underneath the stars in your RV.

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