5 Must-Have RV Accessories for 2018

By: South Thompson RV   |   09 Jan 2018
RV at night with accessories

Despite the snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures just outside our doors, spring really isn’t that far away. Soon enough you’ll be able to start getting your RV ready for a few 2018 adventures. Getting ready for RV season means finding out what new accessories and technology is available to make RV life a little easier.

Here are 5 RV accessories to consider getting for the 2018 RV season:


Outdoor wall mount tvlift

Outdoor TV Mount

This one accessory takes the roughing it out of RV life, but it sure is a tempting little gadget. You can now get outdoor TV mounts designed specifically for RVs. This means you can watch the big game while you’re enjoying an amazing view of the lake. Be warned: Any nearby campers may want to join your party though.

Gasoline Portable Generator

Quiet Generator

You’ll be doing yourself and your neighbours at the campground a favour if you invest in a quiet generator. Producing electricity using a generator has always come with the cost of noise and lots of it. There are generators available that are significantly quieter than traditional generators.


Without getting into the science behind them, there are two different types of generators and the quietest models are known as "inverter generators", so look for that term when you're shopping for a new generator. You can also contact our parts and accessories team with any questions you may have about generators.



All other things being equal, an inverter model will always be a whisper quiet generator compared to its deafening nemesis, the conventional generator. In fact, the noise difference won’t even be close, because a conventional generator is designed to run at a constant speed no matter what you’ve got hooked up to it.” - Chainsaw Journal


Screen Door Bar

Screen Door Bar

Sometimes the simplest things are the most helpful. Most RVs have screen doors, but some models don’t have anything protecting the screen. Whether it’s your kids pushing on the screen when they’re opening the door, or people accidentally bumping into the door, screens can take a beating.

You can avoid screen replacement costs by installing a simple bar in front of the screen. There are purpose-made screen bars available that are quite affordable, and they have a second benefit: you can use the bar to dry your clothes and towels.

 White Vent Cover

Roof Vent Cover

Again, it’s the simple things that are the most useful. Many people avoid leaving their RV’s vents open when it’s raining for obvious reasons. An inexpensive roof vent cover prevents water from getting into your vents, which means you can even leave the fan on while you’re cooking without water getting in.



“We never realized how much we needed a roof vent cover until we installed one. Now we can leave the vent open when it’s raining outside. The most important part is we can run the fan during the rain while we’re cooking.” - WereTheRussos.com




Backup Camera

Backup cameras are pretty much standard in new vehicles, but if you have an old truck or SUV to tow your travel trailer or fifth wheel it may not have a camera to help you backup and align your hitch properly. Backup cameras can easily be added to your vehicle for an affordable price, so do yourself a favour in 2018 and make the most of this affordable tech.

We hope these five suggestions help you out during your RV adventures this year. If you have any questions about RV accessories feel free to contact us anytime.

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