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By: South Thompson RV   |   09 Feb 2018
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What’s your style: leather jackets and tight pants, or Hawaiian shirts and flip flops? Either way, RVing can be a great experience for both casual campers or hardcore outdoor types. Motorhomes, fifth-wheels, truck campers and travel trailers, are just a few of the different ways to get yourself camping. We’re here to help you figure out what your RV style is, and how to get into the right RV for you.

Motorhomes Owners are in it for the Long Haul

Motorhomes are one of the biggest types of RVs out there, and one of the biggest commitments. Motorhomes are the Winnebago-style camping vehicles that you often see in the movies. The driving area and equipment are inside of the leisure area, often with driver and passenger seating separated by some instruments. The rest of your crew gets the comfy seats, but always be sure to follow your motorhome’s and province’s road rules when travelling!

Some motorhomes offer pop-out sections for added sleeping and living space, while others are entirely contained in a hard body. Almost all motorhomes are able to hook up with common campground electric and sewage systems, to make the fun stuff a little easier.

If you’re camping for a long period of time, and over a long distance - a motorhome can be a great way to do that and doesn’t require you to connect/disconnect from a hitch to get camp-ready. If a motorhome is what your heart desires, we can help you find yours.

Fifth Wheel Trailers Allow Space and Freedom

The most commonly-purchased by our customers here at South Thompson, fifth wheel trailers are hot right now. Fifth wheels are separate camping vehicles that connect to specially-designed hitches that sit in the beds of pickup trucks. You’ve probably seen them on the Trans-Canada Highway or on your own adventures. Don’t you always wonder why they don’t tip over, with those little noses poking out?

This style of RV is perfect for those with larger families, or people who just like lots of extra space. With or without pop-out sections, fifth wheel trailers typically offer a double or queen bed, alongside individual bunks, fold-out sofas, and dining tables that convert into beds. To top it off, most also have kitchens and three-piece bathrooms. We mean it when we say that this style of RV maximizes both space and comfort.

Best of all, with a fifth wheel, you have the ability to disconnect your truck and go on adventures without taking the whole house with you. Don’t forget to make sure to set up and level your RV before speeding off into the sunset. Think a fifth-wheel is for you? Check out our wide selection of fifth wheels today!

Travel Trailers Allow Flexibility

The seemingly little brother to fifth-wheel trailers, travel trailers take a tow-behind camping style that doesn’t require a pickup truck. As long as your vehicle has the towing capacity, all you need is a simple ball hitch and you’re almost ready-to-roll!

Some cars, many vans or SUVs, and almost any truck out there can tow a travel trailer. The larger the trailer, the higher payload that will be required. Don’t fret - there are sizes and styles available for everyone, and we can help you find yours! Just like fifth wheels and motorhomes, many travel trailers offer pop-out sections, adequate sleeping space, kitchens, and some even include washrooms. Our selection offers a unique variety of floor plans from different manufacturers, and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

If you have a smaller family or are on a limited budget, a travel trailer can be a great option to have your cake and eat it too.

Truck Campers and Camping Pods

That’s right, we’re still speaking the same language! Truck campers are coming back in style and some haven’t left their pickup truck beds since the seventies! Pods are the new kids on the block and are gaining popularity fast, especially here in Kamloops.

Truck campers connect to the bed of pickup trucks, and come up over the cab of the pickup truck. The portion over the cab is often where the sleeping area is located. This style of camping is best for two people, and offers varying levels of creature comforts. Some units include washrooms and kitchenettes, while smaller units offer dining spaces alongside their cooking areas. Once you’re parked, truck campers host stabilizers to make sure that you’re sleeping pretty. Check out our truck camper inventory if they sound like your style.

Camping pods are quickly rising in popularity. Our present R-POD lineup is massive and ever-growing to meet customer demand. R-Pods tow behind vehicles with a standard hitch, and just like truck campers, offer varying levels of amenities. Most newer models house a dinette that becomes a sleeping area at night, a kitchenette, and a three-piece bathroom.

If you’re a couple or lone wolf looking to get a taste of luxury without spending a fortune, truck campers and R-Pods are easily the way to go. Contact our sales team to learn more about these little leaders.   

Think one of these suits your fancy? We know firsthand that there’s an RV out there for everyone. If you have any questions, our professional sales team would be happy to help.


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