Get Ready for Summer! Prepare and Clean Your RV Today

By: South Thompson RV   |   14 Apr 2018

It’s time to put the shovels away, wash the salt stains off your vehicles (and everything else you own) and get your RV ready for summer. Before you start planning your next big trip, there are a few essential maintenance tasks and cleaning requirements to consider. We’ve compiled a friendly list of must-do tasks and services to ensure your summer vacation is both safe and adventurous. Just as with any vehicle, the maintenance of your RV is important to protect its value and its ability to take you where you want to go!


First of all, who doesn’t want a clean living space? Before you hit the road your RV has to be cleaned inside and out. Don’t get discouraged! Yes, you have to take some steps to clean and take care of your RV but it’s also a chance reorganize for your next big trip!  Take time to clean, and test essential lights, smoke detectors and facets and other items that may have been damaged by the harsh winter months. Cleaning isn’t just important for the inside of your vehicle, any fluid and sewage system components should be checked for damage and replaced before they become a larger problem.


When inspecting the outside, check the caulking around doors, windows, and openings on both the inside and the outside of the unit. This is one of the most common areas where leaks can occur. If you do find leaks, our professional service team can help you get them repaired and road-ready. Otherwise, water damage or other nature-encouraged (read bugs and rodents) can wreak havoc on your RV.


Once you’re making the rounds on the exterior, things such as tire pressure are an essential service to ensure your safety. Tires will require a visible inspection to ensure that no cracks have happened over the winter, and the tire pressure will require testing to ensure that it is at (or restored to) appropriate manufacturer-recommended levels. Like your other vehicle tires, check for uneven wear patterns and recognize when some tires may need to be rotated or replaced. Consider checking in with a service representative to get these harder jobs taken care of properly.


Most RVs have multiple types of hookups to the outside world, such as electrical, generator, gas, and sewage. While these are most-often covered by plastic guards, it is important to make sure that no dirt, debris, or insects are interfering with your connections. Each of these systems will need to be checked and tested thoroughly before used. Any external connection or mechanism that is exposed to the elements should be checked for damage before you pack your bags and the family up for your getaway.


If the thought of spring cleaning has you down, focus your energy on trip planning and head to South Thompson RV for all your RV maintenance needs. Our professional and knowledgeable team would be happy to answer any questions that you may have, as well as provide advice based on our years of servicing and camping in RVs. Get planning!


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