Why We Love Camping in Kamloops and Beyond

By: South Thompson RV   |   07 May 2018
Man hiking from campground in woods in Kamloops

It surely doesn’t come as a surprise that the folks from a motorhome and RV dealership love camping, but we thought we’d share why we love camping, and why Kamloops! There’s so much fun just waiting to be had out there in the wild, and our favourite way to do it is with a few creature comforts.

Camp Snacks

You may have heard us gush camp snacks before, and we’re not kidding. One of our favourite things about going camping is making camp snacks. While almost all RVs these days come with some type of stove, nothing beats whipping up some jumbo dogs or s’mores over an open fire. Packing a cooler full of easy-to-snack on goodies helps build excitement for the upcoming trip, both for the kids and us kids-at-heart. Camping always feels like a cheat day on a diet where can you ignore the rules of food and eat something delicious.

Sounds of the Wild

When you become accustomed to your home in the city, it can become easy to forget just how relaxing the sounds of the wild are. We like to pop a few windows open at night and hear everything from birds, squirrels, water rushing, and more. Better yet, when you’re camping it can be easy to hear nothing at all. Sometimes silence is the best sound out there, and there’s nowhere better to find it than in the middle of nowhere or in the depths of night at a campground with a curfew.

Places to Explore

We love Kamloops and our local campgrounds such as Sunnyside Heights Campground and Knutsford Campground. With that being said, we also love adventuring out to new places beyond our immediate surrounding cities. With short treks to Prince George and Kelowna, to longer adventures such as Calgary and Spokane, we always feel like there is something more to see. We’ve even had past clients take their South Thompson RV units across all of Canada and the US! Our friends over at Cyreiously Canadian purchased an RPod RV from us and took their family of five on a life-changing journey across Canada. Seeing experiences like these always make us want to push the limits and keep exploring new places.


Quality Time

In a world that can be so heavily invested in technology, camping always allows a nice retreat into nature, even if the iPad made it into the suitcase. We find that when we hit the road camping there’s a natural desire to want to head outside and take it all in. Being in the great outdoors helps us disconnect and take part in biking, hiking, swimming, and even sometimes tossing the football around. These are memories that are seldom forgotten and always appreciated. Being in a smaller space than usual, returning customers often share stories of getting closer with their family on camping trips thanks to quality time together.


Ready for your next camping adventure? Browse our inventory of new and used RVs for sale in Kamloops, and stop on by! We’re always happy to see familiar faces and show new ones around the lot.


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