Brand Spotlight: Surveyor Series RVs

By: South Thompson RV   |   22 May 2018
Inside of a Surveyor Series RV

We know that there a lot of different RV brands out there and that it can be hard to choose. In our brand and model highlight series, we break down what each does best, and what features are included. We do this so that our customers are able to understand the differences and have a better idea of what brands are right for their needs. Today, we highlight Surveyor RVs.

What is the Surveyor RV Brand?

Surveyor is a sub-brand of Forest River RVs. You’ve likely heard of Forest River, one of the largest and most awarded RV brands out there. We carry both Forest River and Surveyor series RVs here in Kamloops at South Thompson RV. Surveyor stands for a link between luxury and affordability, with unique features and multiple model options. Each unit is quality built with lightweight floor plans and efficient design. These units have a host of unique features that are exclusive to the Surveyor brand, making it a great lifestyle choice for those looking for luxury and functionality.

Ducted Air Conditioning

All Surveyor models come with ducted air conditioning inside. This means that you’re able to adjust the temperature just like you do at home and have your A/C pull through for you. Ducts keep the air flowing and at a desirable temperature for your family to enjoy, even on the hottest of days. You'll be able to easily access climate controls with push-button interfaces and displays that light up for your viewing convenience.

Innovative Kitchen Concepts

Part of camping is enjoying the great outdoors. Surveyor has unique and innovative designs that include outdoor kitchens. With grills, counter space, and even a small fridge, you have access to everything that you need for your next culinary masterpiece within arm's reach. Best of all, they keep the bottle cap opener front-and-centre when you need a cold brew.

Don’t worry though, they haven’t forgotten to include cooking options inside as well. Units also have indoor stoves, ovens, microwave compartments, and plenty of pantry space. You can even connect your cell phone to some inside kitchen features available on certain models. You’ll have a dinette that fits four, as well as kitchen sinks. How’s that for meal service?



Space for Everything

While substantially more roomy than tents or truck bed trailers, RVs have a reputation for lacking in space. With Surveyor, just the opposite is true. Surveyor RVs have industry-leading bedroom storage made possible by cleverly-placed compartments and efficient design that maximizes the available space inside your RV. Units have storage for bicycles and equipment, as well as your RV essentials. Surveyor makes use of all available space to create usable storage options with cubbies, shelves, drawers, and closets. There's room for comfort and luxury without worrying about space.

Lightweight and Functional

Surveyor units have five-sided aluminum construction, which makes them lightweight. This means that they will result in you burning less fuel while towing, and are also able to be towed by a wider range of vehicles than many other brands. You’ll also find wide, panoramic windows that help provide light and views of the great outdoors. Fibreglass showers also help contribute to the Surveyor brand’s lightweight promise, and gel-coated fibreglass on the exterior helps keep your RV looking newer longer.

Want to get technical? A full list of all current Surveyor features can be found here. Better yet, you can browse our inventory and access floor plans online! We offer easy financing and credit options to make getting into your next RV a breeze.

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