Camping Hacks: The Dos and Don’ts of RV Safety

By: South Thompson RV   |   29 Jun 2018
Man in a blanket by a campfire with a guitar

When you’re camping, it’s hard to remember all of the rules associated with safety in the great outdoors

We’ve compiled a list of helpful and easy-to-remember tips to make your next camping trip a breeze. Whether you’re camping in a fifth-wheel or a motorhome, it’s always important to stay safe and be prepared in the great outdoors.

Garbage by a tent

Avoid those BC Bears

While they’re rarer than the internet would lead you to believe, bears are still a part of the great outdoors. Usually just looking to fill up on camp snacks and protect their young, bears can’t be quite a fright to campers. Unlike foxes, that are more scared of you than you are of them, bears can be more confrontational. Avoid bears by locking up any and all food as well as garbage. Pack all of your food in a cooler, and put everything i bags or containers that close. Keep the cooler shut firmly at all times, and put it in your vehicle when not in use as an extra precaution. Most people forget about garbage and hang a big plastic bag off of the nearest picnic table and call it a day. Don’t! Put garbage in your RV or vehicle somewhere that isn’t open to elements. This will prevent bears from smelling your trash and coming to join the party. Pro tip: this will also keep ants from joining your picnic.

Lighting a candle with a match

Bring Matches, but Safely

Even when you’re camping in an RV, it’s important to be prepared with some matches, just in case. Sometimes we see people buy matches in bulk and pack them unsafely. The main thing to keep in mind when packing matches is to avoid friction. Matches spark a flame-based off of the force of friction applied. When you’re packing matches for your travels it’s important to make sure that you won’t accidentally be lighting a fire. Use containers that won’t spark against your match tips and that are made out of materials that don’t retain excess heat.

Pool noodles

Pack the Pool Noodles

Sounds easy, right? Pool noodles have a variety of uses and come in handy on every camping trip. Beyond just keeping the family afloat at the beach, pool noodles can keep you safe and snug, even on land. Most RVs have at least one canopy, and we’ve all hit our heads on them at least once. It isn’t just the kids! If you cut a slit in the noodle, you can slide it over the canopy rail to prevent injury. Easy and affordable!

Kids on the top bunk in an RV

Stay Put and Stay Comfy

Whether you’re the lucky one who gets the RV’s master bedroom or the kid stuck on the top cot, planning a few small conveniences can make the trip more comfortable. To make your sleeping experience softer, especially with older RV mattresses, prepare a few foam sleeping pads underneath your mattress. You can find these at camping stores, or use playroom foam pads from the dollar store. This will make your sleeping surface more comfortable, and many RV arrangements allow you to just leave them there even when you’re on the road. To put the icing on the cake, it’ll also make your mattress slide around less because the surface of the foam has a little bit of sticky hold. No more sliding in your sleep!

Boy reading at night with a flashlight on his head

Flashlights, Flashlights Everywhere

You never know when you’re going to need some light. From things that go bump in the night to keeping the kids from being scared, a little flashlight goes a long way. We suggest keeping a flashlight beside the bed, outside the RV in one of the compartments, and in a central location that is easy to access. Nothing is worse during a power outage or a midnight wake up call than scrambling to find some light. Know where your lights are and keep the batteries fresh.

Whatever type of adventure you’re gearing up for, make sure to stay alert! The great outdoors is both great and full of surprises. If you’re looking for a new or used RV to take on your journeys, we can help. If you’re a veteran camper and just need a pre-season servicing, book your appointment online and we’ll take care of the details. 


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