Check out These Long-Term Campers and How They Do It

By: South Thompson RV   |   06 Jul 2018
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Have you ever thought about taking your RV camping for the whole summer? How about for a year?

There are tons of folks throughout Canada who are living the long-term camping lifestyle and loving it. Find out how they do it and decide if it’s for you! What is Long-Term Camping? While a long trip for your family might be a long weekend where the kids don’t end up hurting each other with pool noodles, for some, the answer is much longer. For the sake of keeping it consistent, we’re thinking of trips that are over a month long. That might sound like a long time, but once you start heading out on longer trips you just might wonder how you ever thought a weekend was long enough! Some folks use seasonal campsites and park their RV or motorhome all summer long, while others hit the open road and make many stops. Whatever your long-term camping preference might be, just be sure to stop and smell the roses along the way!

Cyreiously Canadian

No, we didn’t spell seriously wrong! The Cyre family started their long-term camping journey right here at South Thompson RV! The family of five (plus giant schnauzer) purchased an R-Pod here in Kamloops and headed out on a cross-country journey to see everything that the great white North has to offer. They took their R-Pod from one end of the country and back again in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday last year. How do they do it? Since the R-Pod unit that they had had sleeping space for four, they modified the trailer to have an additional bunk. The planned activities to keep boredom astray (for the kids), prepped meal ideas, and made sure that they had adequate supplies of clothing. 

Soulful RV Family

The Soulful RV family isn’t on one big journey, but a collection of journeys both big and small! The family of eight has a full-size motorhome that they spend roughly 7 months out of the year camping in, crossing the United States, and enjoying the scenery! A wife and retired linebacker, the couple has been blogging about their experiences since 2015.

How do they do it?

The Sims travel the US in spurts and this is made possible by homeschooling their kids. Their three youngest children hit the road and put pen to paper with determination as their schooling is wherever the RV is parked that day! They found a larger RV solution in a full-size motorhome that will fit Keith, a 300-pound ex-NFL linebacker, and the full family. It’s interesting to see a family in such a luxurious home that still strays away from creature comforts and explores the outdoors! After all, isn’t that what camping is all about?


Design Mom

This family planned a year-long RV trip for the record books! They sold their home, downsized into a small RV and hit the road. A couple and their two children, Ryan and Stephanie are brutally honest in sharing their year of RVing experiences.

How do they do it?

The share that hit the closest to home for us was using the stove fan and AC unit to block out nighttime noise. We all know that kids can make a lot of noise and move during the night, which is only amplified in a small space. These two tricks are a few of the oldest in the book to get a good night’s rest in tight quarters. The two found that working together closely in parenting and business brought them closer together, as well as closer to their kids. Sounds like a great way to bond, doesn’t it?

Our Pro Tips

Long-term RV camping can have both ups and downs. We promise that the downs are worth the ups, as you’ll be filled with memories to look back fondly on. Here are some things to keep in-mind:

  • You don’t need to pack everything: unlike at the airport, all grocery stores are created equal!

  • Being wet is the worst: pack tarps and waterproofing materials, just in case

  • Remember that you’ll be spending time in close quarters: instead of getting annoyed with each other, keep it top-of-mind to treasure these moments

  • Have spares: from tires to chairs, things happen. If you have the space, an extra chair or two for guests or to replace the one your son accidentally tipped into the fire can be truly welcomed

  • Go with the flow: campgrounds sell out, rain is unpredictable, and not every campground snack recipe turns out. Embrace it!

Wherever your adventure takes you, we wish you the best of luck! If you’re looking to join the long-term RV camping elites, check out our inventory of new and used RVs and book a test drive today!



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