What Is An R-Pod?

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   06 Jul 2018

A little RV with a lot of luxury? It's real, and it's here.

We talk about the ever-wonderous R-Pod quite a bit here on the blog, but we have yet to get down and dirty with what the R-Pod lifestyle is all about! With rising popularity, a unique lineup, and endless fun, we’ve figured that it’s time.

The R-Pod Brand

R-Pod is a sub-brand of Forest River RVs. Both make up our most popular picks from customers. The biggest difference between R-Pods and the full Forest River lineup is that they are incredibly lightweight. The brand’s mantra is that of luxury in an affordable unit that has the lowest tow weight in its class. What does that mean? You don’t need a hardcore pickup truck just to get camping. With R-Pods, you can tow easier and lighter, saving on cost and maintenance costs.


What to Expect

Sometimes it feels like small RVs get the short end of the stick (pun intended). In our experience, with R-Pods, you don’t have to. Some inclusions across different R-Pod models include:

Check   Bluetooth stereo

Check   Optional bike racks

Check   6’6 interior height

Check   Hot water heaters, refrigerators, cooktops, furnaces, and air conditioners

Check   Pleated night shades

Check   Carefree flooring

Check   Flat screen TVs

Check   Outlets galore

Check   Steel frames and fiberglass roofs

Check   Wet baths with toilets and sinks

Check   Tinted glass windows

Check   Hinged entry doors

Check   Safety features: smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, fire extinguishers, LP detectors, breakaway switches and more

You’ll find all of these features in a compact, lightweight, and easily maneuverable body. The R-Pod brand is becoming more and more popular each year, with a stunning brand reputation. You’ll be travelling further, burning less fuel, and enjoying every moment even more. What’s not to love about luxury in a pint-sized package?

R-Pod tentR-Pod kitchenR-Pod steps

How Luxurious?

All of our R-Pod units have a queen bed, and that’s just the beginning. Most sleep 4, with different bunk configurations. One family even added an additional bunk to their RV. You’ll find LED taillights, solar charging ports, quick disconnect, fibreglass roofing, and stabilizing jacks.

Beyond just important tech and functionality, you’ll also find that R-Pod interiors are modern and updated. House-style cabinet designs make you feel like you’re living large. Granite-style countertops and sleek Carefree flooring designs both look great and will last through your adventures. See for yourself.

Once you’re ready, check out our current R-Pod inventory or stop by! We’re always happy to help you find the best camping setup for your needs.

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