How to Park Your RV Like a Pro

By: Colin Burke   |   19 Sep 2018
RV Parked by water

When it comes to parking your RV, there’s really no more important choice. Yes, it matters what new or used RV you head off onto the open road in, but where you end up is pretty valuable. When it comes to parking there are three main pillars to think about: technical parking, your parking spot selection, and parking your RV for the season. Here’s everything you need to know to park for the best.

Technical Parking

Let’s be honest: backing up any type of trailer or RV is a little tricky. The good news is that with a little practice, it becomes much easier. We’ve covered parking a fifth wheel trailer in detail here, and many of those same instructions apply to other vehicle types. Once you understand the physics of turning in the opposite direction of your destination, you’re off to the races (or the campground).



Other important technical considerations for when you’re parking include:

  • Park your trailer with the side for your hookups (electric, sewage, water) facing the receptacles

  • Aim to park on a surface that is as flat and level as possible

  • Park somewhere dry and without potholes/deep potential puddles

Selecting the Best Camping Spot

Everyone has slightly different preferences when it comes to camping spot selection. Some folks like being hidden away from others in the trees, while others want to be where the action is. Think about your preference, the ups and downs of such a spot, and choose accordingly.


If you’re off in the woods it might be quieter but have more mosquitoes. If you’re out in the open it might be easier to find camping friends and get to the store, but it also might be louder at night. If you have the option at your selected campground, take a drive through the park before you make a choice and find a spot that meets your needs.


Wherever you end up parking, make sure that it checks your boxes. Some other things to think about when choosing your spot include:

  • Proximity to walking/hiking/biking trails

  • Ease of access to washrooms and facilities if your RV doesn’t have any

  • Distance to common areas such as parks, event spaces, and pools - do you want ease of access or hate the potential for noise?

  • What direction your windows/doors will be facing. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west: if you’re facing east in the morning make sure you have the curtains closed!

  • The ground around you: do you want grassy areas for your kids to play or hard-packed dirt to make for a flatter picnic table and walking experience?

Parking Your RV for the Winter

Sadly, the time is drawing closer. Some parts of the province have already seen snow! Luckily, we’re still in the clear here in Kamloops. Winterizing your RV isn’t as complicated as you might think. When you’re getting ready for winter it’s important to make sure that your RV is stored somewhere safe and is prepared to sit for the season.


Inside, you’ll need to make sure that all food items are removed from the unit. You don’t want any pesky mice finding their way in and eating your snacks, and you certainly don’t want to open the RV up in the summer to the smell of rotting food. You’ll also need to drain all taps and prep them with antifreeze agents. We also suggest putting some baking soda boxes out to prevent smells, ant traps just in case, and some people even use mothballs.


Outside, you’ll need to be sure that your hookups and clear of any liquids or waste, and again, have antifreeze where you need it. All panels should be locked and closed securely. Each window and door opening should be checked to ensure a firm seal and caulked if needed. Nothing is worse for your RV than moisture. It can destroy a vehicle from the inside out or the outside in. Many people park their RVs in storage or purchase a canopy. Which highly recommend keeping your vehicle away from the elements. The weight of snow can sometimes be too much for a unit to handle, and nothing is worse than dents from falling branches or severe hail like we’ve had the past few winters.


If you’re looking for your next RV, shop our new and used inventory online. If you’re not sure about winterizing your RV or have service-related questions, book an appointment with our professional service team or call us today!


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