How to Winterize Your RV - 2018 Edition

By: Colin Burke   |   19 Sep 2018
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The worst part of the summer camping season is when it ends. Even worse, is when you have to put your RV away for the winter. If you’re lucky, you can ride out the winter snowbird style and head south. For the rest of us, we have to pack up and brace for the elements. Here’s what you need to consider when storing your RV for the winter.

Hit the Road for Your Final Camping Trip of the Year

That’s right. The most important step in getting ready for the winter is a final hurrah! Many campgrounds are open later than you might think! Kamloops RV Park right here in our backyard is open year-round! You’ll often find that parks that are open all year, or are open later into the season have discounted rates for the off-season. Off-season is usually October-April, as temperatures are colder and campsites are in lower demand.


Hook up and let go! There’s always something romantic and bittersweet about a final camping trip, so soak it up. Enjoy the fire at night without getting too warm. Enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with fewer campers being out and about. Enjoy the cool morning breeze and a coffee outside without breaking a sweat. Take it all in and enjoy your trip.

Watch Out for Freezing and Water

One of the worst things that can happen to your RV, or even your home, is water damage. When it gets cold, especially here in Kamloops with our harsh BC winters, RV owners need to be aware of ice.


You’ll need to flush out all of your water and sewage lines to prevent freezing. This means water tanks, grey water and drainage, toilets, sinks, showers, and any area of your RV that uses or holds water. Make sure that all water is removed and the pipes are treated with antifreeze to prevent freezing over the winter. When summer comes, it’s a breeze to flush it out and get ready for a fun new year of camping!


On top of that, check all windows, doors, pop-outs, and openings to ensure that they’re air and watertight. If you find any openings, use a suitable paste or caulking to prevent water from entering your RV.

Remove Any Pest Food

That’s right, pest food. We don’t mean the kibble you have stored in the pantry for your pooch, oh no. We mean any and all food. Both wet and dry food can attract rodents and ants; both of which nobody wants to find in their RV next time they’re about to hit the open road and head out of Kamloops for the weekend.


Remove all food from your RV, even non perishables. The cans can explode when frozen, and aren’t supposed to be exposed to extreme temperatures. Crackers and cookies make for great mouse snacks, and leaving food in the fridge is a recipe for a sad nose later on down the road.

Pack it Up

Beyond simply making your RV ready, you need to store it somewhere safe. This could mean renting a storage unit for RVs, using a prefab shelter, or using your own garage storage space to keep your vehicle. The elements are harsh and you don’t want to head out on your next trip with dents from extreme hail like we’ve been having, or peeling paint from ice and snow damage. Park your RV somewhere safe and make sure that it’s secure with blocks under the wheels and the leveling mechanisms in place to keep it sturdy.


For whatever reason, even clean sheets smell stale after a winter packed in an RV. We also suggest removing bedding, clothing, pillows, and fabrics from your RV.

Plan Your First Summer Camping Trip

That’s right. It seems like a million years away, but the winters aren’t that long. We’re able to bide the time by hitting the slopes for skiing and snowboarding or reading by the fire. Next summer will be here before we know it and you’ll be looking for somewhere to camp. Whether you stay in BC, head across the country, or trek down to California, start planning your next adventure. They say the fun is in the anticipation more than it is the event, so once you have your next trip in the books, it’ll be smooth sailing!


If you’re looking for an end-of-season RV deal, check out our new and used inventory. If you have questions about winterizing or need some help getting your RV ready for the winter, you can contact our service team!

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