How to Plan Your Next RVing Trip to Keep You Going During the Winter

By: South Thompson RV   |   29 Oct 2018
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When winter rolls around, so can the winter blues. When winter rolls around for us, we gear up, buckle down, and start planning our trips for the next season, and some of us even go winter camping! Whatever kind of adventure you’re looking for, we can help. After all, experts say that we get more joy (or almost as much) out of the excitement and anticipation of an event than the event itself, so why not plan your summer adventures now?

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How to Plan Your Ultimate Summer Camping Trip Bucket List

When it comes to planning, we know that it isn’t for everyone. That’s why our tips today are easy and detailed to make sure that you don’t get overwhelmed or forget anything. Here’s what you need to consider when planning your next season’s camping trips from Kamloops and beyond:

Open dates: will your desired campground be open when you’re looking to camp? Check the campground’s website for an idea of when they’ll be open. Even if they don’t have their 2019 opening dates posted yet, most campgrounds open around the same time each year.

The weather: with the way the weather has been the past few years, it can be hard to say if you’ll be too warm or too cold. Check out past weather trends, especially if you’re camping in the early spring. This will ensure that you have the right gear (read: sleeping bags and sweaters) on-hand for the occasion.

The campground’s distance: how far away is your favourite campground? While driving long distances in the sunshine with the AC on and the sky visible is a glorious feeling, the same cannot always be said for driving in the winter or early spring. Make sure that you know how far you’ll be travelling so that you’re not caught off-guard in traffic or unpleasant weather.

Which campgrounds you like: when you’re going RVing, it’s important to find a campground that suits your style. Some people like options with tons of family-type amenities such as playgrounds, events, trampolines, and trails, while others prefer a more laid-back and naturalistic experience. Check out online reviews of different campgrounds, as well as the campground websites themselves to see what options are available for you, and during what seasons.

Plan a true vacation: unplug and let camping be your retreat. Plan your time off, think of the books, games, or activities that you find the most relaxing, and ensure that they’re packed and ready to join you on your trip. From running shoes to yoga mats, Yachtzee to a nice pack of steaks for the BBQ, bring what makes you feel best and make sure that you have the time to make your relaxation dreams come true.


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So What About Planning for Winter Camping?

Winter camping isn’t a new trend at all, but it’s becoming more well-known and popular in recent years with the rise of Instagram lifestyle bloggers. Winter camping can happen in a tent, yurt, or RV. Obviously, our favourite is RVing, thanks to the amenities we have come to know and love. When planning for winter camping, the considerations are quite different than what you need to think about when planning a trip in the summer. Here are some of our top tips:

Plan for the cold: even if the weather report doesn’t say it’s going to be the coldest or the snowiest weekend, pretend like it is. It’s better to be overprepared than underprepared when it comes to our Canadian winters.

Have the right RV: We have a wide selection of new and used RVs for sale. With that being said, not every RV is right for all four seasons. Check the notes on our inventory pages, or check with one of our friendly sales staff to ensure that you’re on the right track with a winter-capable RV.

Pick a spot: some folks like winter camping wherever they find a spot and others like camping. Find your dream spot (make sure that you’re able to leave and drive out if you need, in case of an emergency) or a campground that is open year-round. Just like when planning for your summer camping trip, plan to camp somewhere that has the right amount of peace and quiet along with amenities.

Whether you’re ready to get down for the winter and camp through the snow, or want to look forward to fun in the sun, a little planning can do a long way. Check out our online RV inventory today and see why we’re the most popular RV dealership in Kamloops.

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