The Best Christmas Gifts for the Camper on Your List

By: South Thompson RV   |   11 Dec 2018
group of friends enjoying morning coffee while camping

Sometimes it seems like the campers of the world have everything they need for their adventures. The good news is: the industry is always changing and adapting with great ideas and gadgets to make camping easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of our picks for this holiday season!


That’s right! A straw that gives you life, or water. They say that we’re over 80% water, so it makes sense that having clean drinking water is important for living creatures. The LifeStraw takes water from any source, such as a stream or river, and immediately filters it before you drink it. It will filter out contaminants, making the water you’re drinking safe, no matter where you are. This is a unique accessory for those who like to hike to and from their campsites, and can sometimes save the need to pack excess water! Users will be able to find clean drinking water wherever there’s a reliable water source, and it makes a cool party trick too!

Yeti Ramblers

While the Yeti Rambler series isn’t just meant for those who love camping, it makes a great accessory for those that do! The Rambler series of Yeti products is designed to keep hot liquids like coffee and tea hot, and cold liquids or water cold. Trust us: we’ve tried, and they work. Within the Yeti series, you’ll find coffee-mug style vessels, vacuum lock lids, and even party-style tall cups. They’re durable, functional, and incredibly fashionable. Hook them to your backpack, toss them in your cupboard, and know that you’re ready for camping in any season!

GoPro Cameras

These days, it seems like everyone is a videographer, and we love it! There’s nothing like taking making memories to the next level, and creating your own high-quality videos is one way to do just that. GoPro makes it easy to record, save, and share videos of your adventures. From trailing down the highway, mountain biking at a provincial park, or even relaxing by the water, GoPro and their associated apps make it easy to record and share your adventures. Nothing beats a beautiful view, and nothing can make those memories last like a video.

BagSmart Bags

A recent Amazon favourite of ours, BagSmart bags come in all shapes and sizes. From full-fledged laptop-size cases to smaller bags with seemingly infinite compartments, BagSmart can fit all of your camping accessories. You’ll find mesh pockets, stretchy elastic cable-holders, compartments and zippers galore! No matter what the camper in your life likes to carry with them, they can store it all in unique storage solutions from BagSmart.

The Real Goodies

Camping isn’t always pretty. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, and sometimes there isn’t a sewage hookup. Here are five of our down-and-dirty favourite necessities:

• RV-rated toilet paper: you can’t just put Charmin down there and call it a day! RV-toilet-friendly toilet paper is specially designed to degrade and work with your RV’s sewage system.

• Foldable cutlery: from the RV to the trail, nothing beats space-saving forks and sporks!

• Foldable chairs: there are never-ending new chairs hitting the market every year. We like to think that it’s a Canadian badge of honour to have a collection of folding canvas camping chairs. Why? They’re affordable, available almost anywhere, and super convenience. Most even have shoulder straps to make carrying to the beach from your campsite easy!

• Socks: Could your holiday shopping really be complete without them? Socks aren’t only a great git for anyone, but extra toasty socks like LL Bean or TMaxx are sure to delight campers from all seasons!

Whatever your camper has on their list, there’s something out there to delight and surprise them! If you’re looking to take it a step further and find a new RV, check out our new and used RV inventory today!

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