Winter camping: is it for You?

By: South Thompson RV   |   14 Dec 2018
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When it comes to winter camping, you’d be surprised at how few Canadians have given it a shot! We have winter-rated RVs in our new and used inventory, an increasingly popular activity. When so much of your season is winter, it makes sense to camp and enjoy it! Here’s how to decide if you should try winter camping!

The Chill Factor is Real

The interesting thing about winter camping is that it can take you to extremes in both hot and cold. It takes a patient individual to handle the changes from hot to cold. When you’re winter camping, even the warmest days make for pretty cold nights. Even the coldest nights can mean really hot fires. When you’re preparing to stay as warm as possible in the cold, all of that heat gear and heavy clothing can make you a little too toasty at times.

Be prepared to compensate for both the cold and the heat: have a variety of clothing and fire-starting equipment available so that you’re able to layer as needed. On top of just clothing yourself and your family and being able to stay warm outside, make sure that your RV is also ready to handle the cold!

Winter-Rated RVs are a Must

While RVs often stay outside all year long, there are some major differences between those that are rated for winter and those that are not. They’re often called 4-season RVs or winter trailers. Here are some quick tips to ensure that your RV is ready for the winter season:

• Winter-ready piping: all of that running water

Insulation: when you have a winter-rated RV, the insulation that different parts of your RV experience are different. This will allow you to stay warm even when it’s cold out, without having to crank the heat excessively or worry.

Weight: many 4-season RVs are heavier than others. This is because of added weatherproofing measures. While not great for fuel savings in the summer, having a heavier RV can help stabilize you on winter roads. Always be sure to have clear visibility, winter tires, and drive safely.

Winter walls: not only are winter-rated RVs insulated differently and more aggressively, but they also have different wall structure. This allows them to withstand winter temperatures, conditions, and changes in both.

Heating and cooling systems: You won’t need air conditioning in the Kamloops winter, at least probably not. With that being said, it gets darn cold! To keep your RV and family warm winter camping, you’ll need an RV that has an appropriate heating system that is powerful enough to pump during colder temperatures and maintain the warmth within.  

What else might you need? A little extra room for special sleeping bags!

Time is of the Essence: Patience is Key

It only makes sense that when you’re travelling in harsh conditions that things can take a little longer. Be prepared for your journey to the campsite to take longer than it would in the summer. It’s going to take longer to simply get ready to go outside, to make a campfire, or hit the hiking trail.

When you’re preparing for any of these adventures, stay excited! You’re winter camping for the challenge, the fun, and the thrill. Don’t let a few extra mittens or having to take off your snow pants to hit the bathroom ruin your party!

If you’re ready to start your next camping adventure, check out our new and used RV inventory today!

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