How to Plan a Long-Term RV Road Trip

By: South Thompson RV   |   24 Dec 2018
cityscape of Kamloops BC

When you’re somewhere as beautiful as Kamloops, it’s hard to believe that people ever want to stray away from our lovely city. With that being said, people do, and that’s what keeps an RV dealership like ours in business! If you’re looking to travel for the summer or even a few weeks, here are some pro tips to help make your journey a safe and enjoyable one.

Pack for Camping Comfort

When you’re camping, it’s important to pack clothes that you’re able to layer, and clothes for different temperatures. The days can be sweltering hot, and a hot day certainly deserves a trip to the beach or swimming pool—so make sure you have your swimsuit!
Somehow, it always gets colder at night. While we’re actually cold at night because our side of the planet is further from the sun, it always seems to surprise campers. Don’t forget a warm and comfy sweater to curl up with by the fire, and some pyjama pants to keep the cold and the mosquitoes at bay.
On top of being ready for all types of weather, be sure to pack enough clothing. Whether you’re staying close to home in Kamloops or are venturing across the country, having an adequate supply of clothing is something you won’t regret. Having too few sweaters is the worst, an extra sweater just means even more comfort!


Have RV Supplies Always Available

When hitting the road, it can be fun and exciting to pack treats and sports equipment. It isn’t always fun to pack the essentials. We’re talking the really important but really boring things:

RV-safe toilet paper (you can purchase this in our shop)

Dish soap

Levels and boards to make levelling your RV’s parking job easy and stress-free

Septic equipment; from flushing lines to unplugging toilets, you don’t want to be left hanging in this department without a plunger or septic supplies

Bug spray and sunscreen

Jumper cables, just in case!

Think of Daily Necessities

Like RV supplies, necessary goods are the easiest to forget. Isn’t it ironic? Things like kitchen wares, condiments, and napkins are important but often left by the wayside. Here are some of our top must-haves for daily living over the long haul:

Ketchup: let’s be honest here

Bedding and extra bedding: nothing is worse than not having extra sheets for guests, blankets for cold nights, or clean sheets when you need them: pack up!

Dishes and accessories: we always suggest having extra dishes and even paper plates, napkins, and cutlery on-hand!

Drying goods: just like toilet paper, it’s important to have napkins, paper towel, dish towels, and enough bath towels available. Whether you take a surprise trip to the beach or end up spilling soda everywhere, it simply can’t hurt to have enough gear available to stay dry.

The Right New or Used RV

The right RV is the right RV for you and your family, and that is different for everyone. When it comes to long-term camping, having the best RV for your lifestyle is especially important because you’re spending more time in it than the average bear (though hopefully, zero bears enter your RV).

When you’re shopping for a great RV, here are some important things to consider:

• How many bunks you need: fit the whole family comfortably

Is there enough leisure space?

Where will you store extras like BBQs (or portable BBQs, if your RV doesn’t have one built-in), bikes, coolers, and camp chairs?

Do you require a shower or do you prefer campgrounds with bathing facilities?

What style of RV is best for you? (We have a whole article on how to make the best decision for your family available here) Choose from truck trailers, fifth-wheels that require a truck to tow them, tent trailers, and more!

How long you intend to camp for: while the right person with the right attitude can camp almost forever in any RV, choosing something climate and duration-appropriate can make a great difference in the amount of comfort that you experience on your journey.

For help finding and testing out (jumping on the bed may be excluded) your dream RV, contact us today or shop our new and pre-owned RV inventory. We’re right off the highway—just another way we aim to serve you better than the rest!

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