What to Look for When Choosing a Campground: The Guide to Amenities for RV Campers

By: South Thompson RV   |   28 Dec 2018
family and friends around a fire at a camp ground

When choosing a campground, it can seem like a lot of work. For whatever reason, many campgrounds have outdated websites or ones that are pretty but not incredibly informative. Today, we break down some important tips on how to choose the right campground, no matter what type of RV camping adventure you’re looking for!

Read Campground Reviews

When you’re choosing a campsite, using the reviews of other campers can be a quick and easy way to figure out if the campground in question might be a match for you. Whether you’re looking for some quiet time in the woods or something with a vibrant play scene for the kids, reading the reviews of others can provide unique and valuable insights to make the decision easier. Here’s why:
Reviewers are usually honest: Why share a negative review if you had a great time, and why share a positive one if you didn’t? Online there’s no incentive and no awkwardness about sharing your experience with any establishment. Take advantage of reviews and learn about your potential abode.
Reviews are informative: Whatever the reason for a campground website that lacks information, reviews can help you overcome that. You don’t want to miss a diamond in the rough just because it doesn’t have a great website available. Reviews will often share things like the status of the campground’s beach, what amenities are available, if those amenities are up-to-snuff, if they’ve passed safety inspections, and more.
There’s strength in numbers: When reading reviews, the majority often rules. It seems like every absolutely perfect, amenity-filled campground where dreams come true has at least one bad review. It happens, people are fussy, people are grumpy, and people can be downright silly! If a campground has 85 reviews that are 5-star and just a few that are negative, use your noggin’! That one person might be complaining that there was mud after it rained or that the ice cream bar wasn’t open in November. Silly, right?

What’s Available for Campers and When

Camping is a unique event. We often plan ahead, even starting in the winter (like we are right now), and look forward to our adventures for months! Some campgrounds are open year-round with amenities to suit, while others are only open for a standard summer season from May-October.
For the campgrounds that are open all year long, some amenities might be unavailable in the winter and only open in the summer, or vice-versa. Check to see if the attractions that are the most important to you are available when you’ll be camping, and avoid any potential future disappointment.
If you need showers, make sure that you’re not camping in an all-natural or rustic campground. Amenities vary from the most bare-bones setups available to lavish campgrounds with waterslides and disco balls; make sure you’re headed to one that suits your camping style.

Camping Considerations that are Uniquely You

That’s right; everyone camps differently! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and that’s one of the things that makes camping so much fun. Some people love being in the big open field in the centre of a provincial park, while others want the same amenities but while physically being in a more woodsy area. Here are some small but impactful things to think about when checking out a new campground:

• Are you able to camp in the open or in a wooded area?

Do you reserve your site ahead of time or is it first-come-first-serve upon arrival?

Are you close to a beach?

Does the campground have a store?

When is quiet time?

What recreational rules regarding beverages and BBQs are in place?

Are electric and water hookups available?

Think about which of these features matter to you and make your decision accordingly. Whether it’s your first camping trip or your hundredth, being prepared can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a new or used RV to hit the road, contact us! We’re happy to help you make the best camping choices all year round.

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