How to Read RV Floor Plans

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   14 Jan 2019
RV Floor Plans

When you look to buy your first RV, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed by the choices before you. They seem to be endless, and it’s full of confusing jargon which complicates the process even further. Don’t worry however, with a little research you can make buying your first RV a much easier, and enjoyable process.

One thing you need to learn more about is floor plans.

A floor plan basically tells you what rooms are within the RV, how much space there is, and the facilities it contains. There are several common terms you’ll come across, and we’ll address those shortly, to make life easier.

What you will notice is that many RV floor plans are quite similar. You’ll come across ‘RL’, which means ‘rear living’, and you’ll also see ‘BH’, which means ‘bunk house’. These are two of the most common. Rear living means that to the rear of the RV you will find your living room, e.g. TV room/lounge area. Bunk house means there is a bunk house present within the RV. Not all RVs have this feature so that is something to look out for.

RV Floor Plans

Floor Plans Made Easy

Your floor plan is a map, and it simply tells you what rooms are located and where. This means when you’re purchasing your RV, you can find the one which suits your needs the best. Your floor plan will tell you how many bedrooms the RV has and where they are located, e.g. to the rear, to the front, separately across the space etc. It will also tell you how many bathrooms are present and where to find them. If you want a small bathroom or toilet area to be close to the door, this is something to look for on the floor plan before you make a purchasing decision.

Your floor plan also tells you whether there are any wall slides, which give you more space. In this day and age, around 3 wall slides is a good option, because you’re getting more space for your cash, and more privacy for those staying within the RV.

The floor plan will also tell you about the space saving features of the RV. For instance, chairs which swivel around, so can be facing in any direction. Sofas which double up as beds. These are all ways to add extra space to your RV experience.

When you see a floor plan, examine it carefully. It will read like an open air plan of what is inside that particular RV. Look to see if the specific rooms are where you want them to be, if there is enough space, and also check the flow of traffic and where it is directed. For instance, you don’t want everyone to be walking through the living area to get to the other parts of the RV, whilst you’re relaxing and watching a movie on TV! For this reason, rear living rooms are a popular option.

Floor plans make it easy to select the right RV for your preferences, including space and facilities.

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