Summer RV Survival Kit

By: South Thompson RV   |   30 Jun 2019
Boaters head out on a blue mountain lake near Kamloops

Equip Your Rig for Good Times

Camping season is upon us! To guarantee that your next getaway is big on fun and low on headaches, follow South Thompson RV’s survival kit guidelines. We know what makes a great -- or not so great -- vacation and we want to share the knowledge we’ve gathered over almost 30 years in the RV business. So follow along and take notes if you want to be known as a camping trip master.

RV Toilet Paper

Laugh all you want but a trip without toilet paper can turn ugly real fast. This is an item you DO NOT want to forget -- so even if you’re pretty sure you restocked TP in your camper or trailer, go check again now. When you’re choosing how much of the stuff to bring along, we also suggest you opt on the generous side. You’ll be thanking us at 3 am months from now.


It sounds like a no-brainer, but cutlery is just obscure enough that it’s easy to forget. If you’re looking to extend your camping trip or lower extra costs, cooking your own meals goes a long way to save cash. Having all of the needed cutlery and cooking utensils will allow you to enjoy family meals together while out in the BC wilderness.

Campfire Materials

Planning on roasting marshmallows on your camping trip? Make sure you bring along the tools and equipment that take the fuss out of fire starting. We recommend having firewood (obviously), kindling or newspaper, fire sticks and a BBQ lighter. Be sure to check the current fire ban regulations where you’re staying and only burn in designated safe areas on your site. To keep those s’mores coming, pack a few roasting skewers, too!

Levelling Equipment

Nothing can bum out a trip faster than forgetting your levelling equipment. Make sure it’s always stored inside your rig so that you don’t get any nasty surprises when you go to park. It’s also important to set everything up at least once a year before any trips to ensure your unit will make it out of Kamloops without any issues.

Camping Chairs

If you want to kick back and relax in the great outdoors, be sure to pack some folding camping chairs with you! With so much selection out there, you’ll be able to find chairs that suit your style from rugged ALPS options to giant, cushy saucer seats. Bringing along camping chairs gives you the freedom to sit wherever you want -- including right on the shores of Adams Lake!

a child eats a s'more on a red picnic table camping outside of Kamloops

Camping Snacks

Sure -- you could count on catching your dinner, but you’ll have a way better time if you stash some yummy snacks in your RV. Our fave picks at South Thompson include bacon, cookies and campfire quesadillas, but check out this post to learn more RVing snack must-haves.

Outdoor Activities

Spice up your camping trip by bringing along equipment for outdoor games like beanbag toss, bocce ball, badminton or volleyball. While these are obvious choices for family vacations, they can be tonnes of fun on adult or couples getaways as well. Outdoor activities turn regular afternoons into exciting competitions!


Anyone who’s ever been RVing knows that every now and then you get hit with a rain day -- or three! Keep the good times rolling even when the sun doesn’t cooperate by packing your favourite boardgames along for the ride. A deck of cards or poker chip case can be hours worth of rainy fun, too!

Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Even on the sunniest of RV trips, you could find yourself stuck inside if you skip out on bug spray or sunscreen. Worried about harsh chemicals? There are so many great natural products on the market today that you can stay safe from nasty pests and the sun’s harsh rays using earth and people-friendly ingredients alone.

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