Fall Camping is Easy With South Thompson!

By: South Thompson RV   |   25 Sep 2019
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Summer may have come and gone, but it’s impossible to get the post-summertime blues when you have fall camping to look forward to! Fall brings its own unique collection of sensory experiences, from the smell of dewy mornings, to the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, and the taste of delicious autumn-harvest foods. It’s the perfect time of year to layer up on cozy sweaters and keep your outdoor adventures going strong - and at South Thompson RV, we have all of the tools to help you camp in comfort and style this autumn!

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Multi-Season Camping

It’s important to remember that not all RVs are designed to handle colder temperatures. Once the temperature drops, many vehicles require an arctic package, which simply means installing additional heating and insulation accessories to keep everybody inside nice and warm. But many RVs come pre-designed to handle 3 - or even 4 - season exploring, and are certified for both warm-weather and cold-weather driving. These vehicles often come stocked with features like insulated hatch covers to keep cold-air out and warm-air in, thermopane windows, water

heater bypass systems so that you have running water instead of ice cubes, heated mattresses, and enough power to get through even the muddiest (or snowiest!) BC roads. Our specialists at South Thompson can talk you through all of these considerations, and show you the wide variety of inventory we have, like the ultra-popular Arctic Wolf to suit your 365-day a year adventuring needs.

There are plenty of reasons to embrace camping this fall: the sun is still warm and bright, but brisk dawn and dusk hours help cool things down; there is no snow to contend with; campgrounds are often quieter and less frequented once the summer is over, particularly with children being back in school; insect season has passed, so you won’t spend your entire trip swatting away pesky mosquitoes; many bird, butterfly, and whale migrations are underway, so unique wildlife sightings are likely; sweater season has a way of warming your body and your soul; a cup of hot coffee or cocoa tastes just a little bit better once the temperatures have dropped. Once you experience what all of the fuss is about, you are sure to become a lifelong fall camping enthusiast!

Keep it Local

British Columbia arguably has some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world, and much of it is easily accessible from Kamloops and the surrounding area. Silver Sage RV Park is an outdoor oasis, and located just outside of Kamloops. While you camp out, you can enjoy fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and many comfortable park amenities. Niskonlith Lake Provincial Park is another favourite local spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Located just 60km east of Kamloops, Niskonlith offers everything from hiking to boating to scuba diving, and is open year-round for fall and winter camping. Tunkwa Provincial Park is another perfect choice for year-round adventure, featuring camp sites, horseback riding, hunting, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and beautiful gentle hikes with plenty of wildlife viewing.

Here at South Thompson, we want to put you in the perfect RV for all of life’s adventures. Saying ‘farewell’ to summer is no reason to put your exploring on hold; if anything, fall and winter provide countless reasons to continue hitting the open road! And with so many year-round recreation sites within a short drive of Kamloops, you are sure to be the envy of everyone who hibernates their RV at the end of summer when they see how easily you continue camping through the fall. Come visit us at South Thompson today and let our expert staff help you keep the adventure going with the perfect RV!


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