Will Campgrounds in BC Open After Covid-19?

By: South Thompson RV   |   04 Jun 2020

The big question on every adventurists’ mind right now is whether they can still look forward to summer camping in BC this year amid the Covid-19 crisis. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ As our province adapts to the global pandemic, people are finding new ways to enjoy their vacations without hotels, airline travel or cruise ships - and for many, that means more time spent RV camping.


At South Thompson RV, we’ve had a huge influx of folks from Kamloops and across Southern BC booking appointments to purchase a new trailer, camper, motorhome, fifth wheel, or toy hauler to coincide with the re-opening of BC parks and campgrounds. Here’s what we know about RVs, Covid, and camping in BC this summer!

What to Expect at BC Parks and Campgrounds This Summer

BC Parks has been eagerly anticipating the return of local campers for the 2020 season, and have put new protocols and safety measures in place to usher in the opening of most BC parks and campgrounds on June 1st. We highly recommend taking a detailed look through the BC Parks Guide to Camping During Covid-19, which outlines rules and regulations for responsible camping amid the Covid pandemic. It’s also important to research park-specific information before heading out for your next adventure, since several of the BC parks that experience high visitor traffic remain closed at this time to observe social distancing measures.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that BC Parks is urging residents to support staying local this year. Camping close to home will help keep visitor numbers manageable, and help contain possible Covid outbreaks. Camping is limited to BC residents only for the 2020 camping season, and full refunds will be issued to non-BC residents when they cancel their existing reservations before June 15th. Luckily, Kamloops has no shortage of amazing parks, campgrounds and wilderness to explore, making it easy for folks from across South-Central BC to stay local!


More People Than Ever are Choosing RV CampingBC-Parks-Campgrounds-Summer-Covid-19-Reopening

RVs offer a great vacation alternative, while helping to keep you safe and maintain social distancing practices. With a self-contained RV (meaning you have food prep, water and waste resources onboard) you have plenty of options for beating cabin fever and enjoying the summer in beautiful British Columbia. Many campgrounds across BC are re-opening, but campground resources like restrooms, kitchens and other shared facilities remain limited or closed.


A self-contained unit should have everything you need to survive on your own for at least a few weeks right onboard, including:

• A fully operational kitchen

• A shower and/or sink for washing

• Fresh water and waste systems

• Plenty of storage for supplies and provisions

We have a wide variety of trailers and campers available in different sizes, styles and price points to suit all of our clients’ needs. The South Thompson team will be happy to walk you through all of the features that make these RVs so versatile, and help you find the unit that’s right for you. Browse our inventory of popular RVs online, and schedule a private viewing with one of our experts - we’ll get you on the road in the perfect RV while there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy!

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