Why an RV is Better Than a Cottage

By: South Thompson RV   |   21 Jul 2020
rv is better than a cottage

One of the questions people often ask us is whether it’s better to invest in an RV or a cottage - especially in 2020 and beyond. Here at South Thompson, we’re firmly dedicated to team RV! From lower initial (and ongoing!) investment costs, easier maintenance and the major benefit of being mobile, we love the level of freedom that accompanies the RV lifestyle compared to owning a cottage. Here are just a few of the reasons why our South Thompson RV team is pro-RV in the trailer vs. cottage debate!

RVs Offer Unparalleled Freedom

It’s not called a “mobile home” for nothing! We love that RVs offer options for true mobile living and portability. With an RV, you’re not tied to one place - which we’ve learned can be a major pain if access to that one place happens to close down. You can simply grab your RV from your garage or storage facility, do a little spring cleaning to get road-ready (or have the South Thompson Service Department do the dirty work for you!) and hit some BC highways. Even when cottage country shuts down in the fall, you can still enjoy the great outdoors in an all-season trailer that’s built to withstand 365-days of outdoor use. We prefer to not get tied down with a cottage, and instead experience freedom in a recreational vehicle!

You’ll Have Less Maintenance Concerns with an RV Than a Cottage

At the end of the day, owning a cottage is akin to owning a home. A lot can go wrong: roof repairs, new windows, plumbing issues from overgrown trees, landscaping, repainting, repairing rotting wood on a porch or dock, structural integrity and foundation woes (hello BC landslides), a new furnace… we could go on and on. At the end of a season, you might spend more time on maintenance and repairs than you do actually getting to relax at your cottage!

rv better than cottage

An RV, on the other hand, requires considerably less maintenance and repair. Sure, there will always be a few items on your spring and fall to-do list that will help keep your unit in tip-top shape, but those items can often be done over the course of just a few hours once or twice per year. It’s also far easier to drop your RV off at a place like South Thompson to have our team check off your to-do list for you than it is to have contractors and tradespeople come out to your isolated cottage. Having an RV or cottage should be about relaxation and fun - and you’ll have a lot more time for both of those things when you own an RV rather than a cottage!

Save Money With RV Ownership

One of the biggest factors that sways us towards our preference for RV ownership is that cottage ownership can be incredibly expensive. Your initial investment in a property can be hundreds of thousands of dollars more than buying an RV, and you’ll spend tens of thousands more on maintenance and repairs over the years. It would be rare to spend more than a few thousand dollars on major repairs or upgrades in an RV, whereas a few bad winters can leave you with a bill for $30K in cottage roof repairs. Even your annual insurance fees will be significantly higher for a cottage, costing hundreds more per month than an RV. Keep your cash flow open, and enjoy all that beautiful British Columbia has to offer from the comfort of your trailer, camper or motorhome - without breaking the bank!

Shop for a New or Used RV in Kamloops with South Thompson

If we haven’t convinced you that owning an RV is better than a cottage yet, then let our sales team show you around our South Thompson RV dealership! Once you see all of the layouts, sizes and features that are available in our vast inventory of RVs, you’ll understand why more West Coasters are converting from cottage to RV enthusiasts every year! We have plenty of new and used options to suit a wide variety of budgets, and our team will be happy to help you find the perfect unit for your needs. Give us a call to learn more about how to become an RV owner today!


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