How to Camp in the Fall and Winter in an RV

By: South Thompson RV   |   22 Sep 2020
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Just because the sun is setting a little bit earlier these days doesn’t mean it needs to set on your camping adventures just yet! Sure, summer is typically considered the prime camping season, but summer camping also can include crowded campgrounds, long lines of RVs trying to get into parks and beaches, and a lot more traffic on the road. One of Kamloops’ best kept secrets is how much fun (and how easy!) it is to continue camping through the fall and winter here in our neck of the woods. Wondering how to keep the adventure alive, 365? Our team here at South Thompson RV has rounded up our best tips and tricks for beating the post-summertime blues and continuing to hit the open road in BC this fall and winter!

Get the Right RV for the Job

Many RVs are already built to withstand temperatures into the single digits, and those that aren’t can easily be upgraded with winter weather packages. If you know from the get-go that year-round camping is something that interests you, consider purchasing an all-season trailer that’s already outfitted with everything you need to comfortably camp in a wide variety of weather conditions. Already own and love your RV? Winter weather packages simply include things like weather-proofing windows and seals, adding additional insulation throughout the unit, applying covers to the underbelly of your RV to protect tanks from freezing, and upgrading your heating and ventilation system. If this sounds like a daunting task, don’t worry - our Service Department is here to help every step of the way when it comes to adding a winter package to your RV!

All-Season RV Campgrounds Near Kamloops

Wondering where to camp this fall and winter? There are plenty of RV campgrounds and provincial parks across British Columbia that remain open 365-days a year! Check out local spots like Silver Sage RV Park, Niskonlith Lake Provincial Park, Tunkwa Provincial Park, Acacia Grove RV Park and Swan Lake RV Park and Campground, which are all just a short drive outside of Kamloops. These parks and campgrounds offer all of your favourite activities and amenities all year long, including fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, cross country skiing, all hookups, firewood, showers and even wifi.

Perks of Fall and Winter Camping in BC!

As a big group of camping enthusiasts ourselves, we all agree that there are so many reasons to add fall and winter RVing into your life! Here are just a few of our top perks when it comes to year-round camping:


• Lots of RVs are on sale in the fall! Many people decide to sell their units after only a season or two of use, simply because they don’t want to manage off-season storage responsibilities. It’s the perfect time to swoop in and steal a great deal on a used camper - plus you don’t have to worry about permanent storage, since you’ll be using the unit through the off-season. There are also plenty of end-of-season deals to be found on new units, so you have a great opportunity to save big on a terrific RV.


• Less crowds, less bugs, more solitude. Campgrounds, parks and beaches clear out through the fall and winter, offering the perfect opportunity to score some isolation and solitude with your partner, friends or family in the great outdoors. Pick the best site at the campground, drive right through the gate without waiting in line and bundle up for a serene walk along the water - no mosquitos in sight! Ahhhhh sign us up!


• Fall weather is ideal in Kamloops. Here in Kamloops, we are incredibly lucky to be shielded from the majority of nasty weather that other parts of Canada experience. With relatively mild and dry weather straight through the fall and winter, you can comfortably soak up the crunchy leaves, hiking trails and calm waters (perfect for kayaking!) of the fall season. You’re also more or less guaranteed to be able to have a campfire, which is often banned during BC’s wildfire season in the heat of summer.

• You’ll see something new! When you explore the great outdoors during the off-season, you get to see things that others miss out on. Plenty of bird, insect, animal and whale migrations are underway, making for exciting nature-sightings, and the constellations look different in the night sky, too. Bundle up at night knowing that you’re experiencing a unique side of nature that not everyone will get to see in their lifetime.


• Fall camping accessories are fun. Shopping for fall camping accessories is a lot of fun! Stock up on wool blankets, slippers, flameless candles, twinkle lights, a new coffee maker, flannel PJs, toques, and some new puzzles for the ultimate in RV coziness!

Get Set for Fall and Winter RV Camping With South Thompson!

Whether you’re shopping for a new or used RV, need help from our Service Department getting your current unit winter-ready, or simply want to chat about where to camp near Kamloops this off-season, the South Thompson RV team can’t wait to help you out! We have years of experience with all-season camping, a great selection of affordable campers and trailers, and all the know-how to help you get set up for success this fall and winter - so give us a call or come visit us at our dealership right on the Trans Canada Highway today!


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