How to Make Your RV Feel More Like a Home

By: South Thompson RV   |   28 Apr 2021
Bed in an RV

Enjoying life on the open road shouldn’t mean sacrificing some of your creature comforts - after all, it’s called a mobile home for good reason! It’s likely that you’ll take ownership of your new RV with it still feeling a little bare inside. Sure, this is partially to help with the simplicity and functionality associated with RV living, but it’s also an open invitation to personalize your new mobile home. Get ready to transform your trailer into a cozy haven with these tips from South Thompson RV!

1. Linens, Linens and More Linens

Linens are one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to elevate any interior space. Ditch the scratchy towels and thin bedspreads, and spring for a fluffy duvet, plush towels, extra pillows and textured throws. Not only do quality linens elevate the look and feel of interior spaces, but they’re functional too - so don’t be afraid to keep those wool blankets within arm’s reach for chilly nights under the stars!

2. Revamp Your Flooring

RV flooring is designed to be durable and weather-resistant, but there are ways to dress it up without compromising its functionality. You can find indoor/outdoor rugs that will double as a handy way to catch dirt and look great inside your trailer. You can also consider refinishing your floors in a paint or stain that matches your aesthetic - just be sure to check with one of our South Thompson team members to ensure that it’s suitable for use inside an RV.

3. Paint Your RV

Painting your RV is a relatively low-cost DIY solution that yields big results, plus it’s easy enough for the whole family to get in on. It’s safe to paint all walls, the ceiling and cabinets inside an RV, so let your creativity soar. Not quite sure where to start? Most paint supply stores will have staff members who are happy to suggest a complementary colour pallet.


4. Replace Your Lighting

Most RVs come with pre-installed lighting that is bright (for safety!), but can also feel harsh. Consider replacing a few of your bulbs for lower wattage, warmer lighting, or have one of our Service Centre technicians install a dimmer for you. Adding lamps, fairy lights and flameless candles will set a cozy ambience as nighttime falls.

5. Accessorize!

There is no better way to personalize any space than by adding accessories that show off your personality. Put up an exposed shelf to house your ceramic mug collection, hang your favourite art, or bring a few vases along for displaying wildflowers on your dining table. Many folks think they’re limited in what they can do inside a trailer, but the possibilities are endless. If you can do it inside your home, you can do it inside your RV!

6. Replace Window Coverings

It’s no secret that most off-the-lot RV window coverings are, well, not cute. Swapping your valances for simple curtains or stylish bamboo shades will immediately take your trailer to the next level. There are plenty of options with value-added functionality too, including blackout shades and curtains made from ultra-breathable materials.

7. Bring Your Favourite Comforts from Home Along for the Ride

Nothing will make your RV feel more like home than packing it with items that are actually from your home! Think board games, your slippers and robe, a speaker for playing music, your favourite coffee-making apparatus, books and magazines, your nicest shower products, and even a diffuser. Go ahead and get comfortable!

Transform Your RV with South Thompson!

Don’t have the time or motivation for a big DIY project? No problem! We have the experience and resources to help you complete whatever level of RV remodelling you’re interested in. Whether you’d simply like us to paint your unit before the weekend, or get a little more technical with electrical work and fresh flooring, no job is too big or too small for the South Thompson team. Reach out and tell us your ideas - we’ll help transform your trailer into the mobile oasis you’ve always dreamed of!



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