Space-Saving DIY Hacks for Your RV

By: South Thompson RV   |   29 Apr 2021
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One of the most common (and only!) complaints RVers have about mobile living is limited space onboard. Even the most minimalist travellers have needs: clothing, linens, food and supplies can add up! Add a few kiddos into the mix, and even the roomiest trailer can feel downright cramped. That’s why we’re sharing our best space-saving DIY hacks on the South Thompson RV blog today. Take on these simple projects solo, or with a little help from the STRV team, and start dreaming about everything you’ll be able to take along during your next adventure!


Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Just about every cupboard and closet in your RV can benefit from shelving, and pull-out drawers are particularly useful. You can purchase an inexpensive and lightweight free-standing drawer unit from just about any home office store, and secure it inside your cupboard or closet space with bungee cords. You’ll maximize every inch of your vertical space without spending half the season installing built-ins!

Overhead storage can easily become overrun when linens and towels are stuffed inside. We recommend using storage bins just about, well, everywhere! Turn them on their sides to create cubbies, or stack them on top of each other to generate more space than you ever realized was possible.

And… Take Advantage of Underbelly Space

There is hidden space in the underbelly of virtually all RVs. Truth be told, this is also where a lot of your, um, waste management systems are held. Don’t worry, there are dividing walls in place, leaving you with plenty of usable storage space. Most RVers use the underbelly to stash outdoor gear like folding chairs, fishing equipment, tarps, and emergency supplies. But underbelly space is often under-utilized because of its long and skinny shape. It goes on, and on… and on. In fact, the farthest corners are sometimes out of reach depending on the layout and size of your unit.

A fantastic hack for transforming this space into something functional is to purchase a tall, lightweight drawer unit and lay it on its back. You can load up each cubby however you’d like, and slide the entire drawer unit in/out to access items at the very back when you need them.


Just Stick It!

Suction cups and drill-free wall hooks are a space-saving hero in the RV world. Use them to hold dish towels, wet bathing suits, hoodies, dog leashes, fruit & veggie hammocks, kitchen utensils and so much more.

Our crew can help you install a pegboard to further maximize space in your unit. We love this hack for the kitchen or bathroom, where they can offer endless opportunities for keeping smaller items organized and free up valuable storage space elsewhere. In lieu of a pegboard, you can also use magnetic strips and baskets to do a similar job, or even velcro fasteners.

South Thompson RV is Your DIY BFF

The tips we’ve listed above are just the tip of the space-saving iceberg. If you’re having trouble imagining all the ways you can maximize space in your RV, reach out to our crew! As a group of passionate RVers ourselves, we have years of experience generating functional space in our own trailers, campers and motorhomes. We’re happy to provide you with space-saving suggestions that will work for your specific needs, and set you up with all of the parts and accessories you need to get the job done!



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