Can You Work Remotely From an RV?

By: South Thompson RV   |   28 May 2021
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The world is changing, and our notions of what an “office space” looks like are changing along with it. Over the past year, there was a mass exodus from traditional office buildings and workspaces as people settled into a work-from-home lifestyle. What was originally a temporary solution to our global pandemic is now becoming the norm for thousands of Canadians, and folks are getting creative about what it means to work remotely. For those who are embracing the perks of our new remote work culture, it’s certainly worth asking: if you can work from home, can you work from a mobile home?

At South Thompson RV, we’re huge advocates of the mobile lifestyle, and we believe that working remotely from an RV is absolutely possible! Today on the blog, we’re sharing our top tips for how to successfully transform your home office into a mobile-home office. And don’t worry - if you’re not planning to tell your boss, your secret is safe with us!

South Thompson’s Top Tips for Working From Your RV

  1. Consistent Wi-Fi is key. Let’s face it - most folks are pretty dependent on Wi-Fi to complete their daily work tasks. Making sure you have access to consistent Wi-Fi is key when it comes to successfully working remotely from your trailer or motorhome. Consider a portable hotspot and a signal booster to help with reliable Wi-Fi while you’re living and working off the grid.

  2. Create a dedicated workspace. Just like any home office arrangement, it’s important to have designated working, sleeping, and living quarters - even if they’re compact! Try to set aside a specific area for your “work self.” A slim stand-up desk, collapsible chair, or countertop where you can pull up a barstool are all good options for creating a dedicated workspace.

  3. Stay put for longer periods of time. Frequently travelling from place to place is a major time commitment, so if you’re expected to put in 30+ hour work weeks, you may want to minimize your time spent on the road. Book your site for longer stints, and be sure to pack enough food and supplies to hang out for a while.


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  1. Set clear work expectations. Communicate with your team about where you’re going and what your plans are. It will keep you accountable for meeting goals and deadlines, and help ensure that you don’t let others on your team down.

  2. Plan in advance with your team. Outline what each member of your team is responsible for, and plan in advance for any number of unexpected scenarios. Typically, the most organized you are, the more relaxed and capable you’ll feel while you’re working remotely.

  3. Make it fun. Setting up a home office can be a lot of fun, so put the same effort and enthusiasm into setting up your mobile home office. Find some neat stationery, stock up on chargers and cables, and treat yourself to some cozy new work slippers or a coffee mug.

  4. Stick to a schedule. When you’re out enjoying beautiful British Columbia from an RV, it can be tough to focus on your responsibilities. We recommend creating a schedule that works for you and sticking to it. For some, that might be to get your work done early so you can enjoy the late afternoon, for others you may want to power through a few busy workdays and enjoy a 3 or 4-day weekend. Whatever works best for you, just be sure to communicate your plans and progress with anyone who is depending on you.

  5. Trade up for a bigger trailer. Some folks find that living and working in an RV is more comfortable in a larger unit. The South Thompson team can help you decide on the perfect new trailer for your needs, or facilitate a trade-in of your current unit for something more accommodating.

Reap the Benefits of Working Remotely With Help From South Thompson RV

We want you to enjoy all that our new work-from-home culture can offer, and what better way to do so than to spend the summer working remotely from your RV! Whether you are looking for parts and accessories to outfit your unit with a functional workstation, need advice about booking an accommodating campsite in the Kamloops area, or are hoping to purchase a new trailer or motorhome, South Thompson RV is here to help. Take a look through our inventory of new and used RVs, or contact our team today!




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