How to Set Up Your RV at the Campsite

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   26 Jul 2021
How to Set Up Your RV at the Campsite

After all of the prep and packing, you’ve finally made it to a beautiful BC campground. Time to park your RV and put your feet up, right? Not quite yet! There are a few steps you’ll need to take to make sure your RV is set up and functioning properly. Whether this is your first or 50th camping trip, follow along with South Thompson’s handy RV setup guide and you’ll be ready for a relaxing camping trip faster than you can say ‘Shuswap Lake!’

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☑ Park your RV. It’s easiest to try and find a drive-through spot, but you can also have somebody hop outside to help guide you in. Take it slow and steady, and leave enough space on either side of your unit for slide-outs. Keep your RV hitched to your truck for now!

☑ Find out if you’re level, side-to-side. Using a bubble leveller (we like to place it on the bumper) determine how level you are. Take note of which side (right or left) needs to be raised in order to level off your unit.

☑ Pull your RV onto levelling blocks. Place levelling blocks in front of the appropriate tires and pull your rig onto them (this is why we don’t unhitch right away!). This step can take practice. Start with one small block and add more if you need them. You’ll get the hang of this quickly!

☑ Secure your wheels. Use your wheel chocks to secure the wheels that are NOT on blocks. This is a vital step as it helps prevent your unit from rolling.

☑ Unhitch your rig. Now that your wheels are chocked and secure, feel free to unhitch your rig! Some folks move their truck to a new parking space at this point.

☑ Determine if you’re level, front-to-back. Use your bubble leveller once again to determine if your RV is level front-to-back. Any surface that runs along the side of your RV should give you a good measurement, such as a countertop or dinette. You can lower your trailer’s main jack at this point and adjust it until you’re level.

☑ Stabilize your RV. Now that you’re level, it’s time to lower your stabilizers. Safe and secure!

☑ Connect your electricity hookups. First things first: make sure your breaker is off! Then, start by connecting any electricity attachments to your unit, and then attach them to the electrical panel or box at your campsite. Simply turn the breaker back on and you should have power!

☑ Connect your freshwater hookups. To gain access to the campground’s water supply, simply connect one end of your hose to your freshwater entrance tank (it should be black) and the other end to the on-site water source. We recommend additional RV parts like a water filter and pressure regulator, which you can find at the South Thompson RV Parts Centre.

☑ Connect your sewage hookups. It’s vital to connect your RV’s exit tank to the site’s sewage system. While wearing gloves, first open the sewage cap at the campsite and connect one end of the hose. Next, connect the other end of the hose to the sewage cap on your RV (it should be a grey tank). Use the clamp to make sure it’s tightly connected - any leaks will be unpleasant! You can empty your exit tanks at this point if necessary.

☑ Get comfortable. This is the perfect time to unfold your awning, open your slideouts, and connect important outdoor features like your deck, solar lights and mosquito nets. You’ll be glad to have any outdoor work done before it gets dark or bad weather rolls in.

☑ Congratulations - it’s time to enjoy your RV! Grab the fishing poles, toss some food on the BBQ, grab a good book, and get ready to soak in the RV camping lifestyle!

RV Accessories for a Next-Level Camping Trip!

To get the most out of your trip (and stay safe while you’re doing it), here are just a few of South Thompson’s top RV camping supplies:

✓ Board games and lawn games

✓ An extra tent for sleeping under the stars or hosting a visitor

✓ Good quality outdoor blankets (breathable cotton and wool)

✓ A portable grill

✓ RV toilet paper - very different from regular TP!

✓ S’more kits (mmmm s’mores)

✓ A fully stocked emergency and first aid kit

✓ Extra fresh water and provisions

✓ Indoor/outdoor string lights, lanterns, and flashlights

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