How to Keep Your New RV Safe and Secure

By: South Thompson RV   |   24 Feb 2022
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Your RV is your home away from home - not to mention a big investment. RV ownership comes with endless opportunities for relaxation and adventure, but keeping your unit secure, protected, and well-maintained are also important responsibilities when it comes to owning an RV. In this article, we’re focusing on a few of the less glamorous parts of RV ownership and providing readers with tips and resources for mitigating these realities. Our goal here at South Thompson RV is to help ensure that your trailer, camper, or motorhome remains safe and secure for years to come, so you can enjoy a lifetime of camping adventures.

  1. Prioritize the Security of Your RV

People can, and do, steal trailers. This is a sad reality, but it happens. What many people don’t know is that although the locks on a new RV are good quality, they are also universal - which means that anyone can get into your RV. When you take your new RV home, you’ll want to do your research about replacing the locks with something tough and reliable. It’s not a very expensive or complicated upgrade, but it will greatly add to the safety and security of your unit. 

Another way you can deter potential thieves from targeting your RV is to secure your hitch. Again, nearly all new RVs have a universal hitch that makes for easy towing. You can purchase and install a coupler lock (again, at a very low cost) that will act as a huge theft and tampering deterrent. If you have questions about trailer and hitch locks, our service team will be happy to help you find, order, and install the parts you need.

  1. Get the Right Insurance Package for Your Needs

There are plenty of ways to save money when it comes to your RV, but skimping on insurance shouldn’t be one of them. There are multiple RV insurance packages available, and you can talk about your options with your STRV rep. For some folks who are buying a budget-friendly used trailer, it might make sense to go with a less comprehensive package; for others who are investing in a brand-new unit and hoping to see 10+ years of use from it, you’ll likely want greater protection.

You can also explore extended warranty coverage, which further protects your unit from the unexpected. Even though the likelihood of something catastrophic happening is low, you’re always better to approach RV ownership with the mindset that anything can happen. You may find yourself in a tough spot if you turn down the recommended RV insurance and warranty protection, so weigh these options carefully.

  1. Safety Comes First

Keeping your trailer in good working order will help ensure a safe trip for you and everyone on board. Make sure you’re taking care of regular maintenance and repairs, including vital (and often overlooked) components like wheel bearings, your trailer hitch, brakes, and HVAC. Many RV owners use winterization and de-winterization as a seasonal tool for completing thorough inspections, regular maintenance, and major repairs. If you don’t know how to properly winterize or de-winterize your unit, come to see us.

We also do FREE wheel bearing checks here at South Thompson RV, so there’s no reason to let it slide!


  1. Consider Storage Solutions

The majority of RV owners will need some sort of RV storage solution throughout the year. If you use your unit as a seasonal camping trailer (where it stays at the campground), then you might need to store it during the off-season; if you’re a year-round traveller, it’s likely you’ll need to park your RV during the week or while you’re taking a break from the open road. A major surge in demand for RVs has led to a subsequent surge in demand for RV storage, so be sure to scope out your options early and even put down a deposit to secure your spot if necessary. 

There can also be complicated bylaws that prohibit trailers of a certain length (usually 24-feet) being parked in driveways and residential areas, so look into your local bylaws before you count on being able to use your own driveway or property during the off-season.

Take Care of Your RV for the Long Haul

We love seeing happy customers drive away from our lot knowing they have years of fun, relaxation, travel, and adventures ahead of them. But we also sleep better at night knowing that these folks are also taking the right safety and security measures to protect their new investment for the long haul. If you need advice on locks, insurance, maintenance, and additional ways to protect your yourself, your trailer, and your family, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at South Thompson RV for the best RV services in Kamloops, BC.

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