Which RV Types are Best for Seasonal Camping?

By: South Thompson RV   |   24 Feb 2022
RV at night at a campground

There are many ways to enjoy the RV lifestyle, from driving across the country (or making like a bird and heading south for the winter) to exploring uncharted Canadian wilderness, to downsizing and setting up permanent living space to getting out of dodge on the weekends all summer long. All four of the above options could be best enjoyed with the right RV for the job, including motorhomes, toy haulers, truck campers, travel trailers, and more.

In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on how to choose the right RV for ‘‘seasonal campers,” which refers to folks who set up their trailer at a campground and leave it there for the entire summer. It becomes your home away from home on the weekends and during vacation time, plus with our growing work-from-home culture, you may even be able to spend the majority of the camping season at the trailer. What more could you ask for?

There are many people who purchase an RV with one idea in mind (often that they’ll travel across the continent), and then realize that seasonal camping is more their speed - and for good reason! Seasonal camping is fun, relaxing, feels like a mini-vacation every weekend, and after the initial set-up is complete it’s very low maintenance. But if you’re going to settle into this type of lifestyle, having the right RV is essential. Let’s take a look at which types of RVs are best for seasonal camping, plus some benefits and tips for those who have never experienced this type of #RVLife before.

How to Choose the Best RV for Seasonal Camping

If you’re parking your unit at the campground for the season, then you’re more than likely going to want a classic travel trailer. You know the type: it just looks like a trailer! These units offer the best chance for that “mobile home” feeling, including decent-sized shower and kitchen areas, the option to build a deck off the trailer, covered awnings so you can sit out even if it’s buggy, large beds, good storage, outdoor BBQs, and so much more. That said, there are loads of considerations within the travel-trailer category, so here are a few things to think about as you start browsing your options:

Space. How many people will be sleeping in your unit? Will you be hosting visitors? Who in your family requires more privacy than others? All of these questions are an important part of choosing a unit that’s big enough for your needs. One great way to gain extra space and privacy is by selecting a unit with slide-outs.

Essentials. You don’t want to head for a relaxing weekend at the trailer and wind up with a lot more work, so whatever you consider a creature comfort in your home is something you should look for in an RV. Whether it’s a dishwasher, ice maker, BBQ, or bathtub, be realistic about what will make your time at the trailer feel easy-breezy.

Excursions. A lot of folks love to spend the day doing activities while they’re at the campsite. If you need to tow (and even store) toys like ATVs, mountain bikes, a Sea-Doo, or even a small fishing boat, then you might want to look into an RV with additional towing capabilities. You could also consider a Toy Hauler to meet all of your needs, which combines the living space of a travel trailer with the storage space of a cargo trailer into one unit.

Accessories. This might be the most fun part of shopping for an RV. You’ll need space to hold all of the gear that matters most to you, whether it be camping chairs, fishing gear, lawn games, indoor games, an awning with a wrap-around mesh screen, extra cozy linens, board games and books, art supplies, baby gear, cooking supplies - the list goes on. Think about what you and your family enjoys doing, and ask your sales rep about ensuring there is enough space and versatility in your RV to accommodate everything you want to bring along for the ride.


Why We Love Seasonal Camping

There are so many benefits to seasonal camping! Here are a few of our favourite perks:

  • You’ll feel like you’ve left for vacation every weekend without needing to travel very far.

  • You can keep the RV stocked with blankets, supplies, food, clothes, and all of your summer gear at all times, making it easy to come and go as you please.

  • Most campsites have great amenities, including a pool, kids club, small store, playground, nightly activities, restaurant, bike and boat rentals, showers, laundry, and more.

  • You are bound to meet new friends and interesting people.

  • Nothing beats a nightly bonfire.

  • Renting a campsite for the season is typically very cost-effective, especially compared with bouncing around various campsites on a monthly or even weekly basis.

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