What’s Coming for the RV Pre-Season

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   26 May 2022

Still thinking about dipping your toe in RV land but aren’t quite ready for the upcoming season? No worries! There’s a whole lot to get excited about when it comes to the world of residential vehicles, whether you’re interested in living life as a digital nomad or just need a fun camper to embark on weekend adventures with the family. Things move fast in these parts, so if you’re almost ready to take the plunge on living a more empowering lifestyle off the grid, the key is to get your pre-order on – especially if you want to take advantage of the new features on the way!

Features to Look Out For

There are lots of emerging trends as well as some recurring themes we expect to continue as new RV models roll out this year for next season.

RV Workspaces. As more professionals continue to work remotely, many RV manufacturers are creating vehicle floorplans with digital nomads in mind. Popular brands like the Flying Cloud, Alliance, and Forest River Riverstone, among others, have recognized the importance of offering ample room for travellers to work while on the road and now offer dedicated mobile office spaces.

Minimalist RVs. The popularity of #vanlife and minimalist living has also had an impact on the types of new RVs. Sprinter van floorplans are popping up from a variety of manufacturers, while Teardrop trailers and truck campers are also becoming more popular.

RV Offroaders. As campground availability continues to be scarce, more RVers are looking at boondocking (or living off-the-grid) as an alternative to the traditional campground. Manufacturers are responding to this trend by introducing new RVs designed with off-roading and off-grid living in mind. Many brands are even offering a 4×4 camper van option.

Expansive Kitchenettes. With each passing year, we’ve also noticed a greater emphasis on kitchen elements like upscale appliances and high-end finishes. RV manufacturers are embracing the light and airy colour schemes that are increasingly popular among residential homes. Airstream is even partnering with Pottery Barn to better capitalize on this trend. 

Options for Novice RVers

If you’re still keen on merely dipping a toe in rather than diving in headfirst, there is still a wide range of options for novice RVers to consider. Here at Thompson RV, we have an extensive inventory of affordable, high-quality used residential vehicles we’d be happy to walk you through. There are also numerous options for van conversions, truck conversions, and truck campers that can do you just as well if you’re looking to explore the great outdoors. There’s also always the option of renting an RV, whether you just need to get your feet wet without making a huge commitment or to keep you going while you wait for your dream rig to arrive.

Preorder Your Next Rig at South Thompson RV!

Whether you’re curious about the RV life or haven’t quite decided on the type of motorhome that’s right for you, South Thompson RV has an extensive list of residential vehicles ready for pre-order. And with so many exciting features coming soon, be sure to act fast! Contact us today to set up a walkthrough!

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