How to Make Your RV Camping Trip a Glamping Adventure

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   19 Aug 2022

While the term “glamping” is one that’s been floating around a lot recently, the concept of luxurious camping experiences is nothing new. In fact, with the help of recreation vehicles, people have been getting away to the great outdoors without letting go of their creature comforts and personal luxuries for decades. RV glamping gives you the best of both worlds! Glamping is basically a cross between the words 'glamorous' and 'camping.’ You can set up a tent, build a fire, sing camp songs, and still have a comfortable mattress to sleep on, running water, and, yes, a proper bathroom. Whether you’re opting for a ready-made outdoor glamping resort or hope to turn your RV into a glamping oasis, the potential for glamping experiences is pretty limitless. In fact, Airbnb glamping RVs are all the rage these days! In this article, we’ll get into a few ways you can make your RV camping trip into a luxurious glamping adventure! 

Take it Up a Notch

For avid campers who are used to toting nothing but a pitched tent, simply having any RV could be a glamping experience in itself. But if you’re already used to the RV life, there are certainly more than a few ways to take things up a notch. If you’re used to traditional RVs and want something with a bit of pizzazz, look to a Class A motorhome or a fifth-wheel trailer. These are usually more expensive rigs and have more luxury touches. From interior finishes to sleek exterior designs, you’ll feel like you’re rolling in style. Some upscale motorhomes might even include touchscreen technology throughout, walk-in closets, and heated floors. Extra amenities include whirlpools, several appliances, and even a space underneath to stow your luxury car. You’ll pay a little more, but for many, the upgrade is well worth the price! 

Location, Locaion, Location

For basic RV camping, there are plenty of state parks and national parks that have campgrounds with full hookups that include running water, shore power, and septic connections right at your site. But we’re talking glamping here! While you can certainly have a fantastic glamping experience at a public park, many times, private campgrounds have more amenities. You’ll find some that have pools, hot tubs, cable, internet, and more! This is all in addition to the typical hook-ups you’d find at a typical RV site. You may also find luxury RV resorts out there that have spas offerings, whirlpools, nice swimming pools, horse trails, and more. 

Get Glamping with South Thompson RV

Glamping is a great way to have a little getaway to explore all the wonders of our great nation in style and luxury. Camping may be all about the minimalistic lifestyle, but there is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of glamour to it. 

RV Glamping is a great way to be closer to nature without giving up on the luxuries of a small home. Not to mention, many people pay top dollar to rent luxury campers for a glamping adventure of their own, which might even help your RV pay for itself!

Whether you buy or rent an RV for your glamping trip, choose an RV that is not just the right size but also the right choice for the kind of glamping adventure you want. Here at South Thompson RV, we have a wide selection of glamping-appropriate RVs to choose from! Stop by our lot and ask us any questions you might have. Our friendly team will be happy to help you have the best glamping experience!






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