6 Ways to Mouse-Proof Your RV This Winter

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   20 Sep 2022

For summertime adventurers, this time of year means stashing away the ol’ RV for the inevitable hibernation period. There are a number of precautions RV owners must take when it comes to storing that travel trailer during the winter months, especially if it’s not going to be in use until next spring. RV winterization is not only important for routine maintenance but also to keep your RV safe from uninvited “mouse” guests. That’s right – while in storage, your home-away-from-home is the perfect breeding ground for mice and other critters who need a warm place to stay to get away from the cold. And if you don’t take the right precautions, they’ll not only be a nuisance but may alos cause damage to your residential vehicle that can incur some hefty costs to fix. Thankfully, the folks here at South Thompson RV know a thing or two about how to avoid having these destructive, albeit sometimes cute, critters infest your RV. Read on for six ways you can mouse-proof your RV this winter.

  1. Keep your RV clean. We all know by now the one thing that pesky rodents are attracted to: messy campers. One of the best ways to protect your trailer from mice is to ensure you keep it clean. Before storing your RV away, be sure to thoroughly clean it from top to bottom, removing all food from the cupboards, refrigerator and pantry. Even the smallest crumbs, leftover oils and forgotten boxes of snacks at the back of a cupboard can attract these whiskered friends, so it’s vital that you take extra care when it comes to this important step.
  2. Block any entryways. Another excellent way to protect your unit from rodent damage is to carefully patch and seal your RV before tucking it in for the winter. There are a surprising number of openings, windows and vents in a typical mobile home, and a cozy interior space can be extra inviting for a chilly little mouse. Take the time to patch exterior cracks, seal your windows, cover your unit with a sturdy tarp or high-quality RV cover, and carefully check your floor, walls and ceiling for holes. Mice can fit through spaces far smaller than you can imagine, so any crack or hole is deserving of your attention and repair.
  3. Use an RV cover. For a final layer of protection, consider using an RV cover. These will not only stop mice from getting in but will also provide protection from UV damage, bugs, dust, and other debris. Although mice can usually chew through fabric, a cover will serve as an added layer of protection that will hopefully discourage them. The harder you make it, and the less appealing your RV is as a hiding place/source of food, the better off you’ll be.
  4. Install LED Lights. Another tactic for how to mouse-proof a camper is to play off of a mouse’s natural instincts. These little critters are prey animals, and they want to avoid being out in the open as much as possible. They are also nocturnal and usually travel in the dark. Installing LED lights on the exterior of your RV will light up the area around it, making the mice feel exposed and scared to approach. You can install these lights under the vehicle as well because this is where the majority of them will approach from.
  5. Try scented deterrents. Mice have an impeccable sense of smell, and there are some scents that they tend to avoid. You can try spraying or placing these scents around your RV (especially around entrances). Some potent deterrents to try include mint, cayenne pepper, mothballs, peppermint, cinnamon, and vinegar.
  6. Ultrasonic Sound Device. Finally, you can try using an ultrasonic sound device as part of your efforts into how to mouse-proof a camper. These are small electronic devices that emit an ultrasonic pitch that humans can’t hear. Mice have sensitive ears and will want to avoid anything that is loud or distressing. One thing to note with these is that dogs and other pets may be affected by it as well. If your furry friend often hangs out near the RV, bear in mind that they may become distressed and irritated by the noise.

Get Your RV Winter-Ready with South Thompson RV

Nobody wants to open their camper, trailer, or motorhome in the spring only to be surprised by a mouse infestation. Give yourself (and your investment!) the best chance to make it through the winter rodent-free by enlisting help from an RV winterizing and mouse-proofing professional at South Thompson RV!


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