What is a Destination Trailer?

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   31 Jan 2023

When it comes to living the #RVlife, it’s pretty common for folks to regard their residential vehicles as their “home-away-from home.” But what if you could find an RV that took that precious sentiment to the next level? Destination trailers are the perfect in-between for those looking for something a little more grounded than a camper or motorhome but a few notches down from taking out a mortgage on a cottage or vacation home. In this article, the team at South Thompson RV will explore exactly what a destination trailer is and why you might need one for your next summer vacation!

Destination Trailers: The Orginal Tiny Home

With the current cultural explosion that is the tiny home movement, the Destination Trailer can proudly say that they did the tiny home first. Weighing in at about 10,000 lbs, destination trailers, unlike travel trailers and fifth wheels, are designed for long stays, not long drives.  As such, they don’t require all the light, aerodynamic features RV enthusiasts seek in standard bumper-towed or fifth-wheeled travel trailers. Still, the destination trailer doesn’t need to be towed by a commercial vehicle and is not “tied down” at a campground or park. Think a villa or cabin but on wheels.

Weight, length, and design distinguish destination travel trailers from standard towable travel trailers. Legally they can't exceed 400 sq. ft. and generally have the hitch assembly, wheels removed and a skirt installed once it reaches its site. Destination trailers are self-contained and can either use campground hookups or rely on their standard equipment holding tanks.

Difference Between Destination Trailers and Travel Trailers

Though the differences between a standard travel trailer and a destination travel trailer are subtle, they add up to more home-like comfort for long stays. A destination trailer will be taller than a standard bumper-towed trailer and many models include home-like sliding glass doors or even French doors, as well as large bay or floor-to-ceiling windows in the front. While most travel trailers are meant for life on the go, the destination trailer is meant to be stationary for months at a time. The destination trailer is a perfect option for long-term campers. Those who want to find a spot and settle down for a while before hitting the road again for a change of scenery.

Find Destination Trailers at South Thompson RV

Thinking of setting up shop somewhere quiet and serene for the upcoming get-away season? Browse our inventory of destination trailers today and give us a call to set up a walk-through. The South Thompson RV team is always on standby to answer your questions and help you determine if a destination trailer is the right RV for you!


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