How to De-Winterize Your RV

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   31 Mar 2023

Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time to pull that old rig out of storage and start planning your next big summer adventure. But before getting too excited, you’ll need to ensure your travel trailer, camper, or motorhome receives a little TLC to get it summer-ready. See, sitting in storage throughout the off-season can result in numerous unexpected maintenance issues, and if you had it properly winterized (which we’d hope you would), it's highly critical that you flush out the anti-freeze that was installed during this process. If you’re new to the #RVLife, this may all sound a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, the team at South Thompson RV is here to help! We’ll walk you through the full de-winterizing process so you can ensure your RV is in the best shape possible for your next road trip!

A Guide to De-Winterizing

There are a few ways to approach de-winterizing your RV: You can do it yourself, use a mobile RV maintenance company, or take your rig to a service centre like the experts here at South Thompson RV. 

If you decide to do it yourself, here are some basic steps you can follow to winterize your camper, trailer, or fifth wheel.

  1. Examine and repair the RV’s exterior. Heavy snow and ice can be very damaging to the exterior of RVs, so it’s important to check for common damage, like leaks and cracks, before you hit the road. Check all vents, windows, compartments, and doors for cracked caulking, extend your awning, and inspect for any visible water or rust damage.
  2. Check and re-inflate your tires. RV tires lose about 2-3 psi of air pressure each month that they stay tucked away in storage. Find out the manufacturer’s recommendations for your tire pressure based on your load, and use a tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure. You’ll also want to inspect for any tread deformities, uneven wear, or other damage. Inflate your tires as recommended. Pro tip: When checking your tires, make sure they are cold for the most accurate tire pressure readings. 
  3. Charge and reinstall RV batteries. Similarly to your tires, every month your RV is stored away, its battery loses a bit of its charge. Use a voltmeter to check the charge of your batteries. Be sure to turn off the engine and any appliances before removing the cables from the battery leads and attaching the battery to your charger. Allow the battery to charge completely, and then reinstall it securely.
  4. Flush the water system. Antifreeze is great for preventing your pipes from freezing, but it needs to be flushed from your system in the spring so your water is safe to drink. Begin by closing all taps and installing your drain valves. Drain your freshwater holding tank entirely and turn on your drain pump. Starting with the fixture furthest away from your fresh water tank, turn on every water faucet one at a time. Keep the water running for several minutes until the water runs clear and all the antifreeze has been flushed. Be sure to also flush your toilet a few times as well.

Let South Thompson De-Winterize Your RV

Don’t have the time or patience to winterize your RV on your own? Save yourself the headache by booking your RV de-winterization services with South Thompson RV! Our service team has the tools and know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently, helping to protect your trailer for the long haul. Give us a call, or come visit us at our Kamloops, British Columbia dealership and ask about how we can help de-winterize your RV the right way!



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