RVing Solo: Tips for Adventurous Solo RV Travellers

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   27 Aug 2023

Whether you’re a digital nomad taking some time to explore the great outdoors in between deadlines or embarking on a solo RV adventure during the off-season, there’s nothing like travelling along the open road, just you and your RV. While most solo RVers in BC will admit that there are advantages to travelling with a partner, the freedom of solo travel can be just as – if not more – appealing. Not having to plan your schedule around another person, getting to decorating the RV just how you like, and being able to go where you want when you want are just some of the reasons many people love solo travelling in an RV. Still, for first-timers, it can feel a little daunting to travel in an RV without a partner. Fortunately, the team at South Thompson RV is here to help you get started with a few tips and safety precautions to help you get the most out of your solo RV travelling experience!

Tip #1: Have Your RV & Tow Vehicle Inspected

Before beginning your RV adventures, the first thing you should do is have both your RV and tow vehicle fully inspected to ensure you won’t run into any issues or breakdowns on the side of the road. Make sure all of your tires are in good shape and have the correct amount of air in them.

Tip #2: Safety First

When travelling alone, it’s important to prioritize your safety above all else and pay attention to your gut instincts. This is especially important when it comes to choosing a campsite. Are the grounds looking neglected? Is it filled with litter and debris? Have you noticed any other RVs onsite? If you’re gut is telling you to keep looking, trust it. You’re always likely to come across another campsite nearby. In addition, always be sure to have both a first-aid kit and an emergency survival kit handy in case of an emergency. Survival kit items should include:

  • Battery jump-start box
  • Road reflectors
  • Flashlights
  • Tow strap
  • Air horn
  • Wireless router

Tip #3: Have an RV Emergency Savings Fund

If, even after having your RV and tow vehicle inspected, you run into an unexpected breakdown or collision accident, it’s important to have a contingency fund to cover any necessary repairs or a few nights in a hotel in the meantime.

Tip #4: Keep in Touch with Friends & Family

Whether you’re documenting your trips on social media or just being sure to check in with your friends and family every so often, if you’re travelling alone, it’s important that someone out there knows where you are and where you’re headed. Always let someone know your route and when you plan to get there. That way, if something happens, loved ones will know exactly where to begin looking for you.

Tip #5: Practicing Driving, Towing, & Parking Your RV

If this is your first time experiencing the RV life, even seasoned vets will tell you that driving, towing and particularly parking your RV alone can be tricky. Before setting out on your adventures, be sure to get some practice sessions in first, especially when it comes to backing up your RV without a spotter. An empty parking lot will provide the perfect place to practice backing into a campsite. Pro tip: Towing mirrors will really help to enhance your ability to navigate safe lane changes or to back your rig into a campsite. 

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There is nothing to fear but fear itself when it comes to solo RV travel. However, a little planning and preparation will go a long way to keeping you safe and happy on your travels! If you’re looking to find the perfect RV for your next solo adventures, need RV inspection or repair services, or just want some helpful advice for all things RV, the team at South Thompson RV is always a call away! Browse our inventory and stop by our RV dealership in Kamloops, BC, today to get started!


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