10 Tips for Opening Your Trailer This Spring

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   29 Feb 2024

With spring quickly approaching here in BC, we know how many RVers are gearing up to pull their ol’ rigs out of storage, dust them off and get them ready for a host of summer adventures. Whether you’re planning a trip to your favourite campgrounds this spring or a cross-country road trip this summer, there are a few things to consider before heading along the open road.

After sitting in storage all winter, your RV needs a little TLC before you can get it going. Opening your trailer after a winter hiatus involves several steps to ensure everything is in good condition and ready for use. Thankfully, the team at South Thompson RV is here to help walk you through the process. Get your trailer, motorhome, or fifth-wheel ready for spring with these top ten tips for opening your RV! 

  1. Exterior Inspection: Begin by inspecting the exterior of your trailer. Check for any signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or rust. Ensure that seals around windows, doors, and seams are intact.

  2. Tire Check: Inspect the tires for signs of wear, proper inflation, and visible damage. If the trailer has been stationary for an extended period, consider rotating the tires or checking for flat spots.

  3. Battery Inspection: Check the battery for charge and corrosion. Charge the battery if needed, and clean the terminals. If the battery was removed for winter storage, reinstall it securely.

  4. Interior Cleaning: Clean the interior of the trailer thoroughly. Remove any dust, mould, or mildew that may have accumulated during the winter. Pay special attention to storage areas and corners.

  5. Appliance Testing: Test all appliances, including the refrigerator, stove, oven, and HVAC systems. Ensure everything functions correctly and address any issues before your first trip.


Heading to the campsite? Check out this step-by-step guide for setting up your trailer once you get there!

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  1. Plumbing Check: Check the plumbing system for leaks. Run water through all faucets, inspect for any unusual odours, and flush the toilet to ensure no issues with the plumbing. You’ll also need to flush out any anti-freeze that was applied during the off-season.

  2. Propane System Inspection: Inspect the propane system for leaks and ensure all connections are secure. Test propane appliances, such as the stove and water heater, to confirm they function correctly.

  3. Awning and Slide-Out Testing: If your trailer has an awning or slide-outs, test their functionality. Look for any signs of damage, mildew, or unusual resistance during operation.

  4. Safety Equipment Check: Inspect all safety equipment, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers. Replace batteries if needed and ensure all safety devices are in good working condition.

  5. Stock Up on Supplies: Restock essential supplies such as toiletries, kitchen items, and bedding. Check the expiration dates on any stored food items and replace them as necessary.

Bonus Tip: Documentation Review:

Review your trailer's documentation, including the owner's manual and maintenance records. Familiarize yourself with any recommended service intervals or specific care instructions.

Get Your RV Spring-Ready at South Thompson RV

By following these tips, you can ensure that your trailer is in optimal condition for the upcoming camping season. A thorough inspection, as well as promptly addressing any issues, will provide a smooth and enjoyable experience when you hit the road with your trailer this spring.

Need help getting your RV spring-ready? While many seasoned RV veterans opt to de-winterize their trailers at home, for expert RV maintenance in Kamloops, South Thompson RV is at your service! We can provide a comprehensive de-winterization and inspection to ensure your RV is ready to go without the headache and time-consuming process of doing it independently. Book a de-winterization service with us online today, or contact us for more tips on opening your trailer!

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