2017: A Great Year for RV Lovers

By: South Thompson RV   |   07 Dec 2017
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It’s hard to believe, but we’re coming to the end of 2017. It really was a great year to own an RV, with all sorts of events and festivals happening all around the province and the country. Join us as we look back at a few 2017 highlights for local RV owners.

Canada’s Birthday

Canada’s 150th birthday was a big deal, especially for RV owners. There was no better way to celebrate our nation’s 150th than hitting the road in your RV for an adventure. Canada’s National Parks were free to use, and we hope you RV lovers made the most of them. We also hope you took us up on our suggestions and advice on how to prepare your RV for the Canada Day long weekend. It was a great year for Canada, and here is to 150 more.

Latest Trends

People of all ages are discovering how freeing it is to own an RV. One of the latest trends we see is Millennials taking to the RV lifestyle. While some see it merely as a hobby, others are choosing to work remotely.


We’re also seeing a lot of people embracing the many RV accessories and new technology that’s available. It’s now easy to grille up an awesome meal using a purpose-built RVQ, and there are all sorts of new advanced features and technologies available that make RV life easier and more comfortable.

Important Tips for RV Owners

And, of course, we were happy to provide useful RV related tips and advice on our blog throughout the year. We’re dedicated to helping you find the right RV for your lifestyle, and try to show you the range of RV options available.

We’re also here to answer your questions, and try to publish blogs that tackle popular questions regularly. That’s why we published a blog post on RV towing and what type of vehicle is needed to pull different sizes and weights of trailers.

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