Why South Thompson RV is Your Best RV Winterizing Provider in Kamloops

By: South Thompson Motors & RV   |   30 Oct 2022

When it comes to RV maintenance, our harsh Canadian winters can be a lot for trailers and motorhomes to handle. To avoid potential damage, South Thompson RV’s expert technicians will perform meticulous inspections and repairs to ensure your RV is winter-ready. While winterization can be a time-consuming process, it's more than necessary to ensure your RV stays well-maintained and in excellent condition during the off-season. We’ll assess your RV for any lingering moisture to avoid mould buildup, flush out pipes, apply anti-freeze, and seal any cracks and holes to prevent leaks. 

There are a few ways to approach winterizing your RV: You can do it yourself, use a mobile RV maintenance company, or take your rig to a service center like the experts at South Thompson RV. How you winterize your RV will depend on a variety of factors, like where you will be storing it—indoors, outdoors, or at a storage facility—and the climate you will be storing it in. When you stop by our service centre, you can trust that our expert techs will thoroughly cover all the bases! Here are the meticulous services you can expect that make South Thompson RV your best RV winterization provider in Kamloops!

Winterize Your Water System – Frozen pipes mean cracked pipes. To avoid freezing, we fully winterize your water system with antifreeze. This is much more effective than blowing out the lines and pressurizing them like some other service centres do. Larger RVs equipped with washing machines, dishwashers, and ice machines, will require a few extra water system winterization steps. But don’t worry – we’ll take care of those too!

Protect RV Exterior – We’ll clean the exterior of your RV, patch cracks, and split seams. We alos cover the entire exterior with a high-quality wax or protectant formula. Be sure that external vents and other entry points are covered and closed to prevent mice and other creatures from finding a home in your RV for the winter.

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Clean And Dry Your Awning – This is critical to prevent moulding. The same goes for any trailers with fabric or canvas siding.

Remove, Clean and Replace A/C Filters – It’s super important to clean the exterior of your air conditioning unit. We’ll remove, clean, and replace all air conditioner filters.

Service Locks And Hinges – We carefully and thoroughly lubricate your locks and hinges to avoid creaks, jams, and breaks when you’re ready to pull your rig out in the spring.

Remove All Batteries – We’ll be sure to turn off the RV’s disconnect and breaker switches. Your job? Store those fully charged RV batteries in a warm, dry spot.

Some things for you to do to get the most out of your RV’s winterization include:

  • Tidy And Clean The Interior – Be sure to remove all clothing and blankets and store them at home.  Leave all cushions and mattresses propped against a wall for optimal airflow.
  • Cover Your RV Wheels – If stored outside, covering your wheels will protect them from the winter elements.

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Save yourself the headache by booking your RV winterization services with South Thompson RV! Our service team has the tools and know-how to get the job done quickly and efficiently, helping to protect your trailer for the long haul. Give us a call, or come visit us at our Kamloops, British Columbia dealership, and ask about how we can help winterize your RV today!



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