Spring is Coming, is Your RV Ready?

By: South Thompson RV   |   30 Apr 2019
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Get Prepared for a Great Season

The days are getting longer, the flowers are blooming and it’s time to get your RV out of storage! The trailer and camper experts at South Thompson RV have come up with some springtime tips to help you prepare your unit for the fun summer months ahead. Don’t have an RV to call your own yet? Check out our 2019 models or browse our massive used inventory. We have something for every style and budget, so get ready to find your perfect camper match on our lot.

For those who already have an RV to call their own, warm weather is the signal to open it up. Back in the fall, we told you how to pack up your trailer or motorhome for winter in Kamloops. Now, it’s time to undo all of that by removing any blocks you put by the wheels, opening up all doors and windows and flushing out any antifreeze that may be in your pipes. If you left any linens, pillows or fabrics inside over winter, be sure to give them a wash.

2016 Sunseeker RV parked in South Thompson RV's parking lot in Kamloops, BC

Once your rig is starting to look awake, it’s time to start planning your first trip of the season! Research when your favourite parks open, or check out new destinations to liven things up a bit. Whether you’re planning to head up into the mountains near Revelstoke or go down to the orchards of the Okanagan, planning now is a great way to make sure you make the most out of the great weather while you can.

Before you head away on that first trip, walk through your RV and make sure you’ve stocked up on essentials. Do you have towels? How about cooking supplies? Check each drawer and cupboard to ensure you have what you need for an enjoyable adventure. Oh -- and don’t forget the toilet paper!

2019 RPOD trailer parked in South Thompson RV's parking lot

The very last step to guaranteeing a great camping season is to have your RV serviced. Yes, you can take on maintenance and repairs yourself, but if you’d like to have a professional inspect your rig before heading out into the wilderness, South Thompson RV can help. Our Service Department has the knowledge to get your trailer or motorhome running in tip-top shape, letting you travel safely into the woods with your family. Be sure to stop by our dealership for any of your pre-season needs -- we’ll help out any way we can!


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